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5 Ways Auto Body Shops Can Generate More Car Dealership Business

This article assumes that as the owner of the auto body shop aurora co, you want to increase your workflow and are ready to work for an agency. More and more agents are outsourcing body workshops these days and this opens up a great opportunity for independent stores to pick up a lot of work.

The main question we should always ask ourselves in our marketing efforts is “Who is reaching our customers before us?” For body shops, one of the most straightforward answers and the best referral sources is the dealer.

Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals from Merchants:

1. Get to know the people who answer the phones. While meeting an agency owner or service manager is great, if you can get their time and attention, those who answer phones often have true reference authority.

Jay Kawasaki has an excellent blog post on this titled “The Art of Sucking.” Usually, the caller will ask to take him to the body shop and what you hope is the answer is, “Oh, we don’t have a body shop, but we already use it. Can I give you his number?”

2. Make it easy for them to recommend you. Leave printouts for your store and business cards on the table and with people who answer phones. Sometimes it’s attached to a box of muffins (hey, I successfully rented a car from Enterprise!)

3. Offer reduced work or repairs to agency employees. Auto body shop aurora co At no cost and without restrictions. We just wanted you to see how we take care of people’s cars so you can recommend us with confidence.” It will cost you very little and the confidence it builds will help you get high-quality referrals.

4. I recommend them. Add a link on your website to them as a business partner. Tell your friends about them when you look for a new car. Send them your mechanical sub-job. Hand out your prints or at least have them available on a display table.

Treat them the way you want to treat them and review them the way you want them to be referred. As Dr. Evan Messner reminds us all the time: “The donor won.” In other words, those who give are those who receive. Take the initiative and give, give, give.

5. Ask them for references. Make it clear that you would like to be referred. This is so obvious that it’s easy to lose it, forget it, or assume they know it.

So when you return the car to them after the free wash and they say, “It wasn’t that great in years! Thanks! What do I owe you?” You could say, “Nothing at all … All I want is for you to tell your clients about us if they need to.”

Is Body Repairing a Good Practice for Certain Brands?

As the owner of an auto body repair shop, would your business benefit if you specialized in a particular Japanese, American or European brand? If you look at industry publications, you’ll see quite a few stores that advertise their specialization in specific car brands.

This is, of course, the attempt by these stores to capture a specific customer base in a particular region. Will this be the wave of the future or is it a strategy that may backfire in the future?

The answer here depends on many factors, such as the brand of the vehicle the auto body repair shop will specialize in, the area in which the store is located, the influx of society, the quality of the store’s technicians, and even the capitalization available. For store owners.

There are many factors that can work for or against a store that specializes in a particular car brand, but these are the most obvious factors.

The obvious advantages of targeting a specific product are more controlled inventory, less need to become familiar with different repair techniques, possibly less costly tools and equipment, and a valid claim that the store specializes in a particular brand.

And if the shop has a good enough relationship with the car company, there is confirmation that the Body Shop will have the latest technology, technical publications, and support.

But there are also factors that work against auto body repair shops that specialize in a particular brand. Chief among them is the size of the market. Obviously, there will be more Toyota cars than Mercedes-Benz, for example, although wealthier regions will have more luxury cars.

It might seem logical then, that a body repair shop would be better off specializing in Toyota cars rather than Benz. But the smart manager must also take into account margins because specializing in luxury cars is likely to result in better profit margins. AutoLeap is best software for mechanic shops since it allows you to sell more, please your customers, save time, and obtain real-time business analytics.

Deciding whether to specialize or not to specialize in a particular car brand is not a trivial decision of the manager of a car body repair shop. While you have the guarantee of having a captive customer base, there is also a risk that there will not be enough cars in that target market in your area.

In any case, old values ​​such as quality, value for money, professionalism, and good customer relationships will continue to triumph, whether or not a body repair shop decides to specialize in a particular brand.

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