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5 Ways to Make Your Product Display Stand Out

5 Ways to Make Your Product Display Stand Out

Around 67% of shoppers have reported leaving the store without making a purchase because they couldn’t find the product they wanted. However, this isn’t always because a store lacks the items they need. Sometimes, it is due to the way products are displayed.

But product display solutions are varied when it comes to their effectiveness so, how can you make sure your products are displayed properly? We’re taking a look at five ways to make your product display stand out. Read on to find out more!

1. Make Sure There Is Enough Light

If the lighting in your store is dark, it can make it hard to find what you need. Customers may not be able to see what is on the shelves or may find it too frustrating to search without proper lighting. This could drive them out.

Even if the lighting is simply too dim, problems may arise. This could cause customers to have to strain their eyes in order to see what they are looking for. Too much of this may have them heading for the door.

The simple solution here is to make sure your entire store is lit. Look around to see if there are any dark corners or places that don’t receive enough light. If there are, you can start addressing the problem.

In addition, make sure the product display stand doesn’t create any unnecessary shadows. Make sure that the top product display shelf doesn’t extend out in a way that leaves lower shelves cloaked in darkness. Also, make sure that the display itself doesn’t cast a shadow on another display.

2. Make the Display Attractive

People like to look at things that look good. Therefore, an attractive product display will get attention while a boring product display will not.

When designing your product display, make sure it looks nice. Look into color theory in order to make sure the products you place next to each other complement each other. In addition, try to put items that are more colorful and attractive in people’s eye line, so they will grab their attention easier.

You may also want to consider adding an artistic element to the display. This could advertise a specific product or could discuss the benefits of a variety of products.

For example, if your display contains eco-friendly products you could emphasize this benefit. Pictures of a clean and happy Earth immediately indicate the general idea of the products. Then, you could print some information on the display to further drive the point home.

3. Position Displays in High-Traffic Areas

In most cases, people do not want to hunt around while they are shopping. They want to walk in, find what they are looking for, and leave.

To take advantage of this mentality, you can position product displays you want customers to find in high-traffic areas. This way, they will have to pass by them. As they do so, they will notice and consider the items on display, which could increase sales.

In most stores, the high-traffic areas are easy to identify. The most common area is the area right by the checkout, which everyone making a purchase has to pass by. This is why you will often see to-go items and a display fridge near the checkout.

Other high-traffic areas include any entrance or exit to the store. These are areas that will be passed by even by those who don’t end up making a purchase.

4. Add an Interactive Element

One of the most modern product display ideas out there is to add an interactive element to a product display. This uses modern technology to make a display stand out even further.

A popular way to do this is to add a screen to the display. The screen can play a video on a loop that explains the benefits of the products on the display. It could also play branded content that connects to the products on display.

For example, if the product display features workout gear, the screen could show popular workouts being done with the gear. This has the advantage of showing the products in action and in giving potential buyers a more in-depth look at the product. This may influence their decision to make a purchase.

Screens have the added benefit of being eye-catching. They are bright in a way that stands out against any background and they change in a way that static displays do not. Both of these elements, even when seen out of the corner of an eye, will grab attention.

5. Keep the Display Tidy

Using the tips listed above, you can create a really attractive product display. However, if you don’t maintain this display, all your effort will be wasted. This is why it is important to keep the display neat.

Part of this is simply making sure that the display is well-stocked. Customers don’t like seeing empty spaces on the shelves. They may even think there is something wrong with these products that are causing the empty space.

Another part is keeping the display free from trash or other products. Often, customers will place things in the wrong location. However, if they place trash in the display it makes it look dirty and if they place other products in the display it throws off the vibe.

Imagine a display filled with cans of healthy vegetables. Then, right in the middle, someone has placed a pack of lightbulbs from another aisle. This will throw off the display and make people look elsewhere.

Creating an Effective Product Display

Making a good product display doesn’t have to be difficult. Following the advice and making use of the tricks on this list can make your displays even better than before. This increases sales and improves your business.

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