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5 Ways to Use Custom Patches

5 Ways to Use Custom Patches

Patches have a long history as part of the clothing world. From signs of poverty to signifiers of counter-culture and identity, patches have come and gone from fashion several times over.

And now they’re back in fashion and bigger than ever! And since they’re trendy, now is the perfect time to use custom-made patches to promote your business.

If you want an even higher chance of people seeing them, make sure they’re removable patches.

Keep reading to learn five ways you can use custom patches to promote your business!

1. Employee Ambassadors

Fabric patches of your business logo or slogan are a great gift to your employees. Let them have creative freedom with how they use the patches. This way, they’re more likely to put them somewhere clearly visible.

They can put them on their bags, hats, clothing, and more. When they wear these patches out into the world, they improve brand awareness and represent your company as proud employees. This improves your brand image.

2. Customer Gifts

Use custom patches with your logo as gifts for your customers. This is a great way to boost brand visibility, just like with your employee ambassadors. Although this way is far more effective since your customer base is much bigger than your employee base.

When customers receive gifts from a business, they feel more loyal to that business. So gifting patches to your customers improves brand loyalty too, which benefits your business.

3. Community

If your business operates as part of a community, you can offer custom patches for members of that community and incorporate your business logo somewhere on the patch.

This way your brand gets boosted visibility, as well as strengthens its role in the community. This leads to improved brand loyalty, which translates to more business for your company.

Check out these police patches as an example of community patches.

4. Special Event Patches

If you have a special event coming up, like an anniversary, partnership, or even a holiday, make custom patches for it. These patches can serve as commemorative tokens from the event while also boosting brand awareness.

5. Promote a Cause

Using patches to promote a cause that is important to your company is a great way to raise awareness for it. You could sell the patches and use the money raised as donations for your cause.

This way, your patches get out into the world, and you support a cause at the same time. This boosts brand visibility and trust, as well as helps your business meet any social investment goals.

Get Custom Patches Now

Custom patches have so much room for creativity. From clothing to accessories, you can build on your business and brand in so many ways with custom patches.

There are so many uses for custom patches. Your imagination is the only limit! Play around with custom patches today.

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