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6 Common Android Problems & Their Solutions


Android mobile phones brought a different era in the world as a lot of changes in the market came along with the android mobile phones. Everyone today looks at the buying of a basic mobile phone but it has to be an android mobile phone. As android mobile phones are launched by ample brands people have a lot of choices and choose this operating system. Though, android is one of the most popular operating systems it can also Face technical issues sometimes. But can also be fixed and taking care of avoiding any major issues while you are using it.

Below are some of the commonly faced issues with android users and how one can try to solve them by their own self:

  1. The battery draining issue

The battery draining issue is just a common issue when it comes to all types of smartphones. The batteries live degrades over the years. While it is being used but that certainly doesn’t mean that it will start draining always. You can take care of your battery and its health to avoid these draining issues of your battery and your smartphone. You can simply try lowering the brightness of the screen or turning off tabs. Exiting from applications which you are no longer using as they consume a large part of your battery while working. Taking small and easy steps such as reducing the screen brightness, closing all the previously used tabs. And avoiding keeping your phone in any sunny place is going to help you, in the long run, to take care of battery health and also reduce the battery draining issue.

  1. Unresponsive or slow functional apps

There have been a lot of complaints about unresponsive applications or applications that load very slowly and certainly close. This problem can be because of the older version of software on your smartphone. This can be easily solved by updating the software regularly within your play store. Some bugs might get caught up and cause the issue of unresponsive applications which may take much longer to load and launch. Unresponsive and low functional apps also might be happening because of a lot of storage that has been consumed already on your mobile phone.

You must always give this a thought and try to clean up your mobile phone. And take out the excessive storage that is on your mobile phone. And make it the space as a lot of files are unnecessarily on the mobile phone which is causing it to lag and function very slowly. That is another reason why you must always have regular software updates on your mobile phone. Having the older version of the software whether it is android or iOS can make your phone function in a different way than it is supposed to function.

  1. Problems with the UI (user interface)

The UI is also known as the user interface is the software that allows You to interact with your device and function it. It simply means how you control and function on your mobile phone and this can get stuck at times. Because of the android problems as the user interface might become unresponsive for some time. This problem can be easily solved by clearing the cache on your mobile phone. If your device is running on android nine or an older operating system. You can easily perform this task by going to the settings menu of your mobile phone. And solve the problems with the UI in order to function in the smartphone in a better way.

  1. Problems with the network connection

Problem with the network connection can be caused because of various reasons. Sometimes you can blame your phone for that. And sometimes you have to blame the network as it is not completely mobile phones fault.

Many times you might have noticed that your mobile phone is automatically connected from Wi-Fi to data and starts using the data of your mobile phone. Rather than the Wi-Fi, this might happen because of a weak Wi-Fi connection. But also to avoid this you can simply go to the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile phone and switch off the automatic switching of Wi-Fi to data. If at all you are having any problems then you can fix problems with the other connections are than Wi-Fi. Data such as Bluetooth and so on you can try switching on the Airplane Mode for a while and let your phone rest for a minute or two as disconnecting all the devices from your mobile phone may get it to connect back with them even in a better way and a better connection.

  1. Overheating of your device

Overheating a smartphone is not any of the new problems. Everyone faces this problem while the use the mobile phone on a heavy side of usage. Overheating can be caused while you use your phone on charging. Or also while you watch a lot of videos or continuously play games on it all of this consumes a lot of battery power. So the overheating of the battery and mobile phone is cost.

You can take certain small steps in order to decrease the level of overheating on your mobile phone. Such as you can reduce your screen brightness as the screen brightness also overheat the mobile phone for no reason. And you can also try to take off the protective case that your mobile phone never comes out of as the heat gets caught between the mobile phone. The case and doesn’t get to breathe out in the atmosphere. You can also try logging out or switching the tabs of the open apps that you have been previously using. These applications consume a large part of a battery even when not in use.

  1. Inaccurate autoCorrect/predictive text

This literally happens with everybody that when you type something AutoCorrect makes it to some other word. And also addictive text can predict different types of what is the age you are not even trying to type of. This also becomes a problem when you are typing in another language. And speaking in another language as in typing in English but the little meaning of the sentence of the word might be in Hindi or any other language.

You can certainly try to delete all the words that your AutoCorrect has learned what isn’t appropriate for your usage on the daily basis. You can always use to switch off the predictive text or AutoCorrect from the settings menu of your smartphone and you can type freely without any help of word suggestions or auto-correcting on the keyboard. Also, check if you have any third-party apps related to your keyboard on your smartphone which need to be deleted in order to solve the problem.


The above-mentioned problems are faced almost by all android users. We obviously do not say that all the problems are faced by each one of them but at least once in a while. They have to face any of these. As it is said that you can also fix problems by your own cell. But if at all you are unable to do so you can always contact online websites like a quick Which will help you repair and service your smartphone in order to maintain its health. And make it function in the way it is supposed to provide you the experience with. But if your mobile is still not working then try to sell your used mobile phone online or exchange it.

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