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6 Imaginative 3D Printer Uses

Now that printing has entered the third dimension, the possibilities are almost limitless. From printing weapons to homes, you won’t believe what the tech can achieve in 2022! You can also get cash for toner online if you have extra and want to sell them.

If you have access to a 3D printer, then it’s wise to look into different 3D printer uses as soon as you can. That’s because this cutting-edge tech hype is so underrated right now. You can use that to your advantage by profiting from imaginative 3D printer creations!

Are you not sure what types of designs and ideas we’re talking about? Not to worry! Read on to discover six imaginative 3D printer uses you won’t want to miss.

1. Helpful Products

The most obvious and common reason for buying a 3D printer is to make common household items. From phone holders to a specific sized tool, you can print all kinds of useful items.

These products can get used by your household, or you can create your very own business product.

2. Medical Devices

The medical industry is sure to start training employees on how to use a 3D printer soon. That’s because there are so many medical devices that can get created with this tech. From casts to surgical instruments, 3D printers can do it all.

3. Homes

It’s hard to believe, but 3D printers that have the capacity can even print residential homes. Of course, you’ll need to view industrial printers if you have this type of project in mind.

These printers spew out concrete, building materials, and plastic. Over time, it’ll build up an entire residential cabin or home!

4. Boats

Big industrial printers can also print off various types of boats, too. You can make a full-sized boat or a kayak. Last year, two companies printed off the world’s first recycled printed sailboat, too.

5. Body Parts

This one has to be the most imaginative and out-of-the-box uses of a 3D printer. Experts are now printing off crowns, implants, and prosthetics. The FDA is regulating these products, so don’t try this one at home for a medical condition!

6. Food

We saved the best for last! One of the most creative 3D printer uses has to be creating edible food with your device. When wondering what to 3D print, most people don’t even consider food as an option.

Experts are changing all that, though. Foodini (a food printer) can create an entire pizza. At Osaka University, they’re creating a 3D version of meat. All these foods provide nutrition and sustenance even though they’re printed.

Unique 3D Printer Uses for 2022 and Beyond

Before reading this, did you ever envision these 3D printer uses? Since the technology is so new and underrated, you likely didn’t! It’s still making huge waves, but it’s all under the radar right now.

Once 3D printing becomes mainstream, using a 3D printer will be as common as getting online. If you can get ahead of this trend, then you’re sure to be on the right side of history.

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