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6 Linux Myths That Scares Away New Users

Read About 6 Linux myths that scares away new Linux users

Have you ever wanted to modify to Linux but were too afraid? Here are a number of the myths that stopped you and therefore, the real truth behind them.

Hard to Put in

This is one of the popular Linux myths that exists mostly because tons of individuals don’t even need to bother installing operating systems – they are available preinstalled. However, you’ve got to download Linux. There is, of the curse, an option on the marketplace for Linux also but it isn’t as popular, and it’s only available if you would like a replacement machine anyway.

But if you have already got a machine, and everyone you would like is an OS, the simplest thing to try would be to check which distribution you’re curious about and see it through Live CD or Live USB. When you choose one of them, you’ll install it in a way that might allow both Windows and Linux to your laptop otherwise you can replace Windows completely.

No matter what you select, the very fact is the download process is straightforward and particularly for Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, and OpenSUSE. Most of them have a step-by-step configuration wizard and graphical tools. Complete installation included applications does not take much longer time.

Not Compatible

This is among the common Linux myths that folks often use when arguing against Linux. However, there are actually only a few samples of software and hardware on the market that aren’t compatible with Linux. It had been designed to permit older hardware so, you do not need to get the newest ones either, which is sweet. Particularly in Ubuntu, you’ll easily use most of the peripherals and software.

Applications are now a necessity for several professionals and other people often fear that Linux isn’t getting to be compatible with their preferred application. However, it’ll presumably be compatible. Just in case your app really isn’t compatible with Linux, you’ll easily attend packages like Wine and Crossover Linux to use them. But, the best thing you can try is downloading an app that works similarly to your preferred one, just built for Linux. You’ll probably find an excellent match and include all the essential productivity packages.

It’s not as Secure as Others

This myth has the smallest amount of merit. This is often mostly because the very fact is the opposite. Linux is safer than Windows or Mac, as proven by the researchers like Secunia. The privileges in superior security of Linux are assigned. As a result, the incontrovertible fact that many developers across the world are performing on it. The big variety of distributions is additionally one among the items that create it safer. Due to high safety, it powers 100% of supercomputers worldwide. Linux training in Chandigarh helps aspirants prepare for the Red Hat Certification exam so that they can get their foot into this highly lucrative and demanded field.  

New patches or antivirus software aren’t necessary due to this. So, the truth is, if you’re trying to find a secure option, Linux is your best bet.

It’s Only for Experts

Linux’s main misconception is that it’s just for professionals and developers, people who understand coding well. This is often why numerous people have stayed far away from it for therefore a few years. A number of that’s changing but tons of individuals are still too afraid to experiment because they think that Linux is going to be too overwhelming for them.

While it won’t be true a decade or more ago, there are many distributions that have made it better for a mean user. Developers included attractive graphical interfaces and some necessary improvements that have made it that far more usable for people across the world.

Server usage, a bit like with Windows, is far harder. But as a mean user, you’ll use it easily, even as you’d with Windows or Mac OS X.

Not Reliable and No Support

If the shortage of support is what’s scaring you, it’d be good to understand that Linux has one of the foremost dedicated communities worldwide. You’ll find plenty of tutorials and knowledge on forums and blogs.

Linux almost never goes down in terms of reliability. In fact, crashes most frequently happen on Windows and Mac.

The TCO is Higher

This is a misconception used by proprietary vendors to threaten companies. There’s no proof of this, and lots of governments and corporations address Linux in tough economic times. This is often just a hoax to repel its free tag.

The Epilogue 

These are just a few of the Linux myths. It’s good to understand that these are just myths that you’ll have an excellent time using it, a bit like or more so than the other OS. Hopefully, these debunked myths will assist you to see the important picture.

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