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6 Little Known Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

Not being able to have sex with the partners takes a big toll on a man’s mental health as well as their relationships. The following explains the various symptoms, causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Males who perform below what they think they are capable of, become a little worried mentally and this has a lot of effects in their day to day working life. Some early symptoms that we see or erectile dysfunction can be alarming. 

Erectile dysfunction is like any other kind of disorder and it needs a thorough physical examination and requires a few lab tests to understand the level of the disease and to plan the treatment.

Penile implant surgery is one of the most promising treatment or management methods for ED patients, if they fail to have successful results from non-invasive methods. The cost of penile implant surgery in India is relatively lower than several other countries, including the USA, UK, Germany and many others. But the quality equally is as good, if not superior to, these nations. 

The symptoms to check are – 

  • Anxiety and Stress

Having anxiety and stress prevents a person from having a proper erection. These factors can be both physiological and psychological. If a person is having anxiety or stress, it is possible for them to have some performance problems in the near future. 

The doctors over years of research have concluded that there is a connection between the mind and the physical performance of the body. Researches suggest that people with experiences of depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue can tend to have more symptoms of ED, even without having any other cause. 

  • Nighttime Erections 

Understanding if a person can have and maintain an erection while he is sleeping is a tricky ordeal. However, determining this can be a very diagnostic aid in planning the treatment for the patient. 

To test for the night time erections, a nocturnal penile tumescence test, or NPT is done. This acts as a valuable indicator, to understand if the erectile dysfunction is psychological or physical. 

A person who wants to try and perform the NPT at home, it is recommended to go for a stamp test. A person can wrap the postage stamp around the length of the penis before sleeping. If the stamps are found broken in the morning, this could mean that the person was able to attain a firm erection during his sleep. 

  • Soft Erections

Another classical symptom of a person suffering from ED is that they start falling short of the firmness that they achieve during an orgasm. The ability to maintain an erection attributes to having a normal lifestyle. Please take note, that being fertile and having ED can be at the same time also. 

Erections that are too soft, solid enough to be considered erect, yet too soft for successful intercourse are termed as soft erections. 

These should be alarming for the patients, and should get a checkup done to understand if this is leading to the dysfunction or not. 

  • Orgasms With A Flaccid Penis

A male who is not fully erect, shows signs of erectile dysfunction where their body reaches the state of orgasm also. The penis might not be receiving a good amount of blood flow to it, but the person can still ejaculate. This suggests that the person’s ability to achieve orgasm has nothing to do with the ED condition. Some people incorrectly assume that this is not a matter of concern, even though it is. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that is characterized by a man’s difficulty and inability to gain and maintain an erection, not an orgasm. 

  • Pain When Achieving Orgasm

In cases where a male is suffering from prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia, there can be some ejaculatory pain while having sex or during urinating. This reduces the desire that a man has for the intercourse, thereby increasing erectile dysfunction. 

For people who are facing such issues, it is very common to have a painful orgasm, this results in a negative feedback, where the person will think about the complications and hence the dysfunction increases. In cases where a person is facing such issues, they should discuss with their urologist given that this could be because of some more underlying conditions which could be life threatening also.

  • Shorter Erections

Males who have noticed that their duration for which they got an erection has reduced can consider it to be one of the early signs of ED. This duration for the erection tends to go shorter and shorter, and it might lead to erectile dysfunction. 

There are cases where a person is able to maintain a healthy and firm erection, but are unable to maintain the strength during intercourse. This results in an unsuccessful intercourse leading to problems. 

As with the other symptoms, a person should get on an appointment with their urologist to discuss these further.

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