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Makeup Disasters 101: Makeup is an integral part of women dressing, it can make or break her entire look. A perfectly done makeup can glorify your looks and take your beauty to the next level. But what when you come across a makeup disaster? A Makeup disaster is a makeup gone all wrong or done correctly.

This can happen with anyone, at times you might have seen celebrities with outrageous makeup that make you laugh. The same can happen to anyone. There are certain trending makeup styles which if not done properly can be equally disastrous. Here is the list of some makeup disasters that you generally come across, so read it and try not to make any such horrible makeup disasters for yourself.


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One of the biggest and most common makeup disasters you would generally encounter is an eye shadow mismatch. Just for a second imagine that you have selected one of your gorgeous lenghas and get ready to rock the floor but suddenly you spill water on yourself which ruins your entire dress, how would you feel? Your all efforts have been wasted.

The same thing happens when you end up doing an eye shadow mismatch. When you are gorgeously dressed from head to toe for a party but mistaken with the eyeshadow, it may sound like a silly mistake but it can turn your extremely gorgeous look into an ordinary one. Therefore it is always important to put on the right eye shadow which goes well with your dress.

Or it results in making your eyes look dull and flat. The entire idea and purpose of eye makeup are to enhance the shape and color of your eyes and give them a sharp look. And your mistaken eye shadow can result in a huge makeup disaster. So always remember that your eye shadow should be in sync with your eye color and the color of your dress and save yourself from this makeup disaster.


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Lipstick is an important element of your makeup kit, it can make or break your entire makeup look. One of the common makeup disasters that you may come across is lipstick improperly lip-lined.

Just imagine your favorite lipstick that you pick and apply so gracefully, when it moves out from your lips to the surrounding skin it makes you look no less than maleficent of sleeping beauty. So to avoid any such disaster from happening just follow some post makeup tips like, once you are done applying the lipstick immediately try to wipe the outline of your lips with a damp paper or towel. Or you can make use of a concealer to lighten the stain around your lips to the surrounding skin. Just follow these tips, to avoid this generally happening makeup disaster.


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You might be thinking what does the golf club have to do with the brows. Some people have a habit of rounding out the eyebrows towards the brow ridges, this is called golf club brows. This style of shaping the brows looks hideous and if it is paired with dark false lashes it becomes one of the worst makeup disasters that you may come across. So if you are beautifully done with your dress and makeup, just don’t do this disaster to your brows.


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Another common makeup disaster that you might come across is going on with dreadfully pink. For a second imagine you are ready for a function, perfectly dressed from head to toe, but counter you and ask if you are suffering from a cold? Or any of your friends ask you if you are planning to go to a circus? How would you feel at that moment?

All your efforts have just gone in vain, you might think what sin have you done to counter such questions, probably the reason behind such greetings could be your too much pinky face. The blush that looked light in the room’s dim light was extensively done, which made you look like a clown or probably sick.



Mascara is an essential element of eye makeup, it makes your eyes look wider and bold or if not applied correctly it can also become a makeup disaster. Mascara is well known for smudging or its habit of flowing freely. When your eyelashes get wet due to any reason, the mascara starts to flow from your eyes, destroying your entire makeup. Even the waterproof variety of mascara sometimes fails from sticking to your eyes, it flows leaving streaks on your cheeks.

This is quite a common makeup disaster that you generally come across. The only way to avoid this generally happens when your eyelashes get wet. Even the waterproof variety can’t help themselves from flowing, leaving a streak on your cheeks. A way to stop this is to blot the mascara before it dries and place a tissue right at the lower eyelid just before you cry.



A perfectly done makeup reflects well on you and when it is not done properly it becomes a disaster. While putting on makeup when you don’t realize the quantity sometimes there is too much of the foundation or concealer. Just because you like a shade or effect of it, you apply so much of it and then it does not settle on your skin. This is called unbleached makeup which is a very common makeup disaster that you generally come across, so whole applying makeup keeps in mind to take appropriate quantity and blend it properly

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