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6 methods to increase your Instagram sales

Do you want to sell more products & services through your Instagram presence?

Throughout this article, I will present concrete ways to facilitate the purchases of your Instagram Followers, subscribers & visitors to your profile.

1) Turn your Instagram profile into a customer-facing facade

The first step in converting your Instagram followers into customers is to design a creative profile to capture the attention of consumers.

In your biography, welcome prospects from your store and include a clear call to action. Including a telephone number is useful so purchasers can contact you effectively on the off chance that they have to. You could also share a strong advantage, such as the free delivery of your products.

On the off chance that you normally distribute Instagram Stories, posting included Stories online is an incredible method to advance your offers, items and that’s just the beginning.

In the case of the adornments brand beneath, there is the craving to feature the most recent items in the assortment in the principal story obvious on the record:

If your account has more than 10,000 subscribers or is certified, you will be able to encourage spectators to “swipe up”, that is to say, swipe up to access the product page corresponding to your website.

2) Make your Instagram profile and posts exceptionally for simple recognizable proof

To stand out, it is essential to offer a brand message consistent with your values, which should allow you to achieve a form of uniqueness.

Develop your own style of your classic publications

A simple way to increase your brand recognition among subscribers is to use the same stylistic signature in each of the photos/videos posted in your news feed.

In the example below, the men’s clothing brand inserts a light white frame around each of its photos, which creates a style “apart”:

Use a color palette related to your brand

To develop a visual style on Instagram, select the specific colors that will represent your profile.

For example, the cosmetics company below uses the colors of the rainbow in the headlines of the Stories in the headlines but also in its publications:

In the same way that it is important to preserve a certain visual aesthetic for classic publications, it is necessary to provide a stylistic approach for your Stories.

Is it to reuse the same colors, models, fonts? Very often, it is advisable to define a few colors which will be used in the production of these ephemeral contents, not more.

3) Manage the shopping experience on Instagram

There are different ways to make the shopping experience intuitive and enjoyable for the visitor to your Instagram profile.

Harness the potential of Instagram Shopping

With a professional Instagram account, you can facilitate the generation of traffic to the e-commerce pages of your products. You need to request the registration of your account with the Instagram Shopping tool, then you will be able to identify products on your classic publications.

These are easily identifiable because they have a dedicated icon at the bottom left:

Provide all contact information when needed

When an Instagram subscriber is about to make a purchase, you’ll have to do everything to answer any questions they have about the transaction. Give your customers the opportunity to reach you in the event of a problem, in several ways:

  • enter your phone number & e-mail address
  • add delivery information to your biography
  • prepare quick responses to save time in managing your private messaging

4) Foster interactions & feedback from your community

As time goes by, Instagram gives more and more opportunities for brands to be able to get feedback from customers/prospects on the products/services marketed.

Beyond the comments of classic publications, it is often very interesting to use all of the interaction stickers enabled by Stories:

  • ” surveys ” allow you to learn more about your community’s preferences between two products/services
  • “questions ” allow you to give your subscribers the opportunity to learn about your offers or your business
  • ” quizzes ” allow you to test your subscribers’ knowledge of your industry
  • ” discussions ” allow you to create chat sessions with up to 32 accounts to perform brainstorming actions for example

5) Take advantage of all traffic generation opportunities

Even if Instagram does not seem a priori the best social network to generate traffic to a website, there are however certain methods available to the Community Manager:

  • the link in the biography
  • the link in a Story
  • the link in the IGTV description
  • Instagram ads

6) Promote the creation of content by users

Finally, a good way to increase your sales by using Instagram is to encourage your customers to talk about you!

And for that, it is not very complicated to communicate on your will to highlight certain publications: inform your subscribers in your biography of the hashtag regularly scanned by you, making their publications eligible to be reposted on your account.

Beyond constituting inexpensively produced content, it is a superb way to promote a customer recommendation to other members of the community.

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