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6 must-have tools for every new electrician’s toolbox

If you’ve been considering a career as an electrician, or you’ve just started down that exciting road, rest assured: you’ve made a smart move.  First, in an even less certain world than before, those who do the wiring and keep our electrical networks, systems and machines working will always be in high demand – and the career pathways and specialties that will open up are truly exciting and filled with opportunity.  So if you know the value of hard work, you’re a hands-on problem solver, and the thought of a live wire makes you smile rather than worry, why not join your 150,000 fellow Australians who proudly call themselves an electrician?

But as you prepare to start your journey, here’s an insider secret: all the knowledge, skills and even hands-on experience is just one part of your preparation for life as a sparky.  As for the other part, there’s no escaping it: you need a killer toolbox.  If a great electrician has a secret superpower, it’s the suite of tools that will be taken to every single job, making work easier, safer, faster and better.  So if you’re new to the game, we’d love to give you a short-cut to success by letting you know what each and every great electrician keeps handy in their toolbox – no matter what. Better yet, you can purchase most of these tools from a reliable supplier like RS Components.

  1. Wire strippers/cutters

You’ll be stripping the sheath off a lot of wires – so you’ll need a few of this tool that makes light and precise work of that every-day job.

Consider getting some manual adjustable strippers as well as a quality set of automatic strippers, and you’ll be good to go for just about every job – and don’t forget about your need to efficiently cut wires, too.

  1. Screwdrivers

It goes without saying that removing and replacing screws is one of every tradie’s most common tasks.

Electricians swear by their quality insulated screwdrivers, protecting them from the ever-present risk of electrical resistance.  Also grab a quality set of hex keys, and while you’re at it a claw hammer and chisel so you’re never caught short on the fly.

  1. Pliers

When a screwdriver won’t quite do the job, most electricians will revert to another everyday favourite – their collection of trusty pliers.

Again, electricians always get good insulated pliers, and won’t leave home without their long-nose, combination, and side-cutting verions.

  1. Tapes

All tradies won’t be left empty-handed when they need a range of different tapes – and especially those electrical tapes used all the time for insulating wires.

Electrical tapes are easy to work with, they’ll keep heat and moisture out of those conducting wires, and the various products are helpfully colour-coded.

  1. Clamp meters

If there’s one modern tool that every smart electrician clings to, it’s the clamp meter.  Without getting too deeply into the principle of magnetic induction, what clamp meters allow an electrician to do is quickly test and detect current, voltage and other electrical measurements without powering down a circuit or even making any physical contact whatsoever with the conductor.

Peer inside the experienced sparky’s toolbox and you’ll also find other hand-held ‘multi-meters’, including voltage testers that continue to save the lives of electricians each and every day.

  1. Torches

Life as an electrician may be great, but we won’t hide it: not every job will be well lit.  Luckily, though, our technological age has delivered exciting advances in lighting technology, with most of the latest products featuring efficient, reliable and versatile LEDs.

As well as a robust hand torch, also consider a quality and comfortable head-torch as well, to keep those hands free for the serious work.

So as well as all that drive, hard work and positivity that every great electrician must possess, a fully and smartly-stocked toolbox is a definite must.  And if all you buy is the highest quality products possible, you’ll be all set for a long, safe and successful career.

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