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6 Things to Know Before Visiting Hawaii

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Hawaii is well known for beautiful hiking areas, beaches, tropical forests, waterfalls, surfing waves, and the captivating history of the tradition. The topmost industry in Hawaii is tourism, and most people always look forward to visiting Hawaii. For most locals in Hawaii, tourism is their primary source of income. 

The locals love visitors, and they are always ready to share what they know about the beauty of Hawaii. Visiting Hawaii might be on your bucket list, but before that, there are things you need to know. Here are some of the crucial things to keep in mind before visiting Hawaii.

1. Hawaii Is Expensive

Among the states in the United States, Hawaii is the most expensive. This is due to the large number of tourists visiting Hawaii. Before you visit Hawaii, you need to have this in mind to be prepared financially. Starting from the flight to Hawaii to your stay there, food, and shipping fee, the prices are generally high. For instance, Hawaii car shipping can be quite costly so it is important to find a quality company who will give you a great deal. For instance, when you visit Hawaii during off-peak seasons, that is, between April and early June, the flight cost might be cheaper. In addition, visiting some islands is costly compared to others. The expensive ones are premium with few people as compared to the less expensive islands.

Additionally, eating out is very expensive even in standard restaurants. To get cheaper food, you have to go to the restaurants early enough to get the special offers when they still last. The restaurants are located in all the famous tourists’ towns, and you will get varieties of food. Alternatively, you can get food from food trucks that are cheaper and available everywhere. As you plan to visit Hawaii, save enough money so that you enjoy all the recreation facilities available while visiting Hawaii.

2. The Sun Is so Hot

Hawaii is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and the sun is so hot there. You might have seen photos of people at the beaches having fun, but that will not show how the sun is unforgiving. However, with the winds that blow over the island, the sun might not be so intense. You will enjoy getting the heat because of the continuously blowing trade winds. 

That does not mean that you should not take the precaution of the sun when planning to visit Hawaii. If you fail to take the skincare measure, you will get sunburns and realize how intense the sun was after leaving the beach. In your preparation to visit Hawaii, sunscreen and sunglasses should be on your packing list. Your skin is the makeup you wear every day – ensure you keep it protected when having fun at the beach in Hawaii.

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3. Island Time Is the Major Deal

There are several islands in Hawaii, and before planning a visit, you need to know about them. Every island is different in terms of development and topography. Some islands are old and less developed than others are, whereas others are young, developed with modern recreational facilities. The distinction comes in when you are selecting the island to visit. You do not want to spend so much visiting Hawaii then end up on a boring island, do you? Once you select the best island, ensure you enjoy your time there. People drive slowly. There is no rush on the island. If the driver in front of you takes time to turn, do not hoot – take it easy. The speed on the highways is 55 miles per hour, and when you drive faster, you will land in trouble.

 The staff at the bars and restaurants might take a long time to serve you, do not panic because there is no hurry in having fun. The reason behind taking everything slowly is to embrace every moment at the islands. When you keep in mind that the island is a big deal, you will end up enjoying your stay in Hawaii.

4. You Must Get Tested Before Visiting Hawaii

In order to visit Hawaii right now, you must complete a negative COVID test. There are also only select places that Hawaii accepts these tests from. You can look online to find one that is accepted and closest to you. It is important that you time everything right so that the test is within 72 hours of your departure. Make sure to plan some extra time just in case your flight is delayed or there are any other problems you cannot see in advance. You must also take a test before leaving. This is also typically within the 72 hours of your departure home. There will be places available that the airlines will accept on the island. If you are unsure, you can also ask for your hotel services. They will most likely have information to help you, or be able to point you in the right direction. However, if you do not get tested for any reason, you must quarantine for 2 weeks once you are on the island.

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5. Be Respectful to the Wildlife

Visiting Hawaii is very beautiful, which is why they get so many tourists each year. It is imperative that everyone does their part to keep this gem in the ocean as clean and natural as possible. This means no littering, staying on designated paths while hiking, and not disrupting the natural wildlife nearby you. If you want to go hiking, be sure to pay attention to the signs. They will give you information that will help you and the wildlife around you. There are some areas that you should be careful of because there is a higher likelihood of injury. Always make sure you are aware of your surroundings. Also always look where you are going. Some of Hawaii’s hikes can get very remote and it can be difficult to get cellphone service. This can be troublesome if you get hurt and need to call someone for help. Also make sure you bring enough water and snacks for any excursions you may go on.

Do Not Touch the Sea Animals While Visiting Hawaii

There are many beautiful and amazing animals that live along the coasts of Hawaii. If you go on a professional sailing excursion, they will keep a safe distance away from the sea life. However, sometimes these sea creatures will come close or onto land. If you see a seal or turtle on the shore, keep your distance and do not disrupt them. Sea turtles frequently come onto land to lay their eggs. These should not be disturbed. Sea lions also will come onto land to lay out in the sun on the rocks. Sometimes they can even blend into the rocks due to their color, so be sure to look out for them! You do not want to accidentally step on one. Remember to appreciate and be respectful of all animals and wildlife you encounter.

Conclusion for Visiting Hawaii

Other than getting to know the essential things about Hawaii, all it takes is planning. Make a plan on funds, where you will stay, and how long you will stay in Hawaii. Research on available resorts, hotels, and other accommodation facilities so that you pick the best and affordable place to stay. This will be a huge help in the amount of relaxation and fun that you have with your family. Take the time beforehand to be prepared so that you do not have to do this later on your trip. Remember, this is a vacation, and it’s not worth having a bad stay in Hawaii.

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