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6 Tips On Keeping Your Hands And Feet Healthy

Taking care of your hands and feet does not only mean slathering on lotion and thinking you are good to go. Rather you should take proper care of your hands and feet as well as pay special attention to your nails. Healthy pink coloured nails indicate an overall healthy being, but if your nails are brittle and chip away easily then you might have a problem. 

We are here to share with 6 promised tips that are sure to help you in keeping your hands and feet healthy

  • Keep An Eye Out For Dark Spots On Your Nails

White spots on your nails are harmless and meaning nothing at all most of the time, but dark brown or black spots even dark stripes can be a cause for concern and can indicate an underlying health issue. So if you notice any dark spots on your nails that aren’t going away on their own then you should consult a physician. Dark spots can be a strong indication of skin cancer or melanoma and shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. 

Like mentioned earlier that healthy nails indicate that you are healthy overall, taking good care of your nails not only makes for a good impression but also prevents you from being at risk of any future fungal or bacterial infections. Good hygiene as well as taking care of your hands, feet and nails can go a long way. Visit a nail supply store and invest in nail moisturizing oils as well as nail grooming products. Find a suitable nail supply store around your area, say you live in Orlando, Fl then look for Orlando nail supply store and you are sure to find the right products. 

  • Pay Attention To Your Cuticles

Cuticles may come off as less important when they’re all healthy and well, but any irritation such as small tears, usually caused by hangnails or dryness or even mild redness and swelling, leave the nail area susceptible to a variety of infections that may cause severe and painful swelling. Hydrating your nail and cuticle area with a suitable cuticle oil or hand moisturizer will help create a shielding barrier against all sorts of bacteria, fungus and other infections.

  • Maintain A Mani-Pedi Routine

Following a proper Manicure and pedicure routine is pivotal to maintaining healthy nails, hands and feet. Make sure you give time to yourself and pamper your skin to keep it moisturized, healthy and glowing. You can either set regular appointments with a beauty salon or better invest in nail products and do your mani-pedi at your convenience from the comfort of your home. Finding nail supplies in Orlando fl is easy enough and nail supplies go a long away as opposed to single visits to the salon. 

  • Find The Right Kind Of Moisturizer For Yourself

Finding a moisturizer that suits your skin type is most important, you can’t just pick one and expect it to suit your skin. For this, you need to understand your skin and know your skin type. Is your skin oily? Are your hands prone to drying too much? Etc. Sun exposure is another factor to consider while choosing a lotion that also has sun protection. 

  • Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes that fit your feet perfectly is also important. Uncomfortable, tight or shoes made with substandard materials can give birth to corns or calluses, which can cause discomfort and in extreme cases even severe pain. To avoid this try to wear comfortable shoes with soft soles and wear pure cotton socks as opposed to socks made of synthetic materials that might irritate your skin. 

At the end of the day, it is important that you take good care of your general well being as well as your hands and feet. Eating a healthy and balanced diet will ensure you stay healthy and fit within which will in turn show in your hands and feet. Investing in the right kind of clothing and footwear as well as moisturizers and skincare products is also pivotal and should be considered a priority at all times.


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