6 Vehicle Fleet Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Do you use a fleet of vehicles in your daily operations?

Fleet managers face different challenges overseeing a large fleet. Most will lead to problems with efficiency, spending, and productivity.

You can limit these problems by avoiding common vehicle fleet management mistakes. Are you looking for a good starting point? Continue reading and learn more.

1. Not Enough Focus on Preventive Maintenance

One of the most common vehicle fleet management mistakes is neglecting preventive maintenance. It increases the risk of early vehicle breakdowns.

Some serious mechanical problems start with minor preventable issues. Replacing old parts can make your vehicles run longer.

Invest in professional fleet services. Outsource a company offering quick repairs and vehicle fleet maintenance.

2. Not Having Enough Insurance

The annual commercial fleet accident rate stands at 20%. The number of miles fleet drivers cover every year contributes to the high accident rate. Not having enough insurance coverage means more financial losses to your company.

Review your current commercial fleet insurance plan. Connect with your insurance provider and ask if you need to update your coverage.

3. Giving Too Much Driver Freedom

Some drivers take a different route because of the scenic views. Others take a different turn to drop by their favorite coffee shop.

Giving your drivers too much freedom with their route can hurt your business. Taking less efficient transportation routes leads to increased fuel consumption.

Be stern in implementing driving rules. Focus on efficiency with your fleet route planning. An integrated GPS will help you discover the best routes for your drivers.

4. Poor Data Analysis

Businesses can sometimes be lazy with data analysis. Fleet managers misread their data when making important decisions. Others fail to interpret information, leading to poor efficiency and productivity.

Use software to implement your fleet management strategy. Invest in technologies for interpreting large volumes of data.

5. Overloading Trucks and Trailers

Some fleet managers cut corners by overloading their vehicles. Big trucks and trailers still come with weight limitations.

Overloading vehicles can lead to faster wear and tear. It also poses a safety risk for the drivers and everybody else on the road. How do you avoid it?

Be strict in meeting the payload requirements of your vehicles. Check the tools and parts for hauling the items. Doing so determines whether they match the payload requirements.

6. Buying Unnecessary Upgrades

Upgrading your vehicles with the latest versions can be tempting. New ones have features you may feel are helpful even when they’re not. Buying them can lead to unnecessary spending that can hurt your bottom line.

Instead, develop a life-cycle strategy for the vehicles. Spend on essentials that offer the best value. Check out for cost-efficient fuel.

Avoid Vehicle Fleet Management Mistakes Now

Avoiding these common vehicle fleet management mistakes will help save time and resources. It also increases your productivity and extends the life cycle of your fleet.

Learn more about business management by reading our other articles. We share topics to help improve other aspects of your business.

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