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6 Ways To Keep Your Horse Warm In Its Stable

If you want to keep your horse happy during winter months then you should think of the best ways that can keep them warm. If you search online then you will get to know that stable rugs are the best solution that can cater maximum warmth to your horses in winter. 

Six best ways of keeping horses warm:-

  • Rug usage: This is quite a popular option these days and you should definitely opt for the same. Stable rugs specially designed for winter seasons are of varied types and therefore you should get the right one for your horse. These rugs not only generate heat but also protect horses’ skin from different injuries. Now, bold-printed rugs can be chosen for enhancing the aesthetic look of your horse. 
  • Horse insulation: maintaining proper insulation is really very much necessary for controlling the temperature of the stable during winters. The walls of the horse-bars can be thickened in this respect. Vapour barriers should be created in floors, ceilings and walls. These barriers can help in preventing condensation damages for making efficient energy usage.  On the other hand, the humid level of the stable needs to be controlled. 
  • Feeding sufficient hay: Increasing the amount of hay can be treated as a great means for increasing horses’ warmth. Hay of almost 10-15 pounds needs to be provided for serving the concerned purpose.
  • Providing high-fibre foods: It has been found that horse warmth can be increased if they feed over high-fibre foods like grains. These foods can be easily digested as a result of which the horses get lots of energy along with enough warmth. 
  • Horse coat: You can now make customized winter coats for your horses. These coats are made up of those fibres that can increase the heat quotient of a horse’s body and that’s why they feel warm during winters. Therefore, while choosing the winter coats for your horses you should have a look at the available fibres. The fibre should be flexible and can be cleaned easily without any hassle. 
  • Winter blankets: Thick winter blankets can create extra layers as a result of which your horses will remain warm for a longer period of time. In fact, these blankets also enable the animals to get a proper winter sleep. The blankets should be heavy-weight otherwise the warmth cannot be preserved well. Make sure that the blankets are not ill-fitting otherwise the horses will feel uncomfortable. 

The shade of the stable should be firm enough for protecting the horses from sudden snowfall. It is also very much necessary in taking good care of your horses during the chilled season. Purchase the best stable rugs for your horses this winter. 

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