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6 Ways to Prevent Pests During Storms

A storm is a natural disaster that cannot be prevented or stopped, but merely be ready to face the consequences. Being in the path of the recent storm, Aucklanders may have faced their share of inconvenience. Perhaps the biggest concern during this time is pest control. So how do you keep your house insect-free during a storm? Here are six ways you can do it.

  1. Pre-storm pest control

When it comes to pest control in South Auckland residents often cover all possible entryways to the house, from doors to windows. However, before the storm season hits, it is always better to inspect your house for any holes or structural damage and seal any gaps. This includes caulking the crack or ensuring the right slope.

  1. Damaged debris and spoiled food

Debris and spoiled food are yet another beacon to flies and rodents. Therefore, it is always best to keep them as away from the house as possible and to ensure these wastes are picked up by the sanitation workers on time. This will stop any pest from entering your house.

  1. Structural damages

During a storm, rodents and small animals are displaced and often seek a warm shelter. When your house’s exterior damage has caused a whole, there is nothing for welcoming to the pests. Therefore, a great way to prevent pest infestation is to look for and fix any damage.

  1. Standing water and mosquitoes

While a storm can cleanse existing mosquito populations, the remaining water can surely act as an excellent breeding ground for these pests. Therefore, as a homeowner, you should make sure to clear up any place with standing water, including gutters, birdbaths, and flowerpots, to prevent mosquito breeding.

  1. Water damage and termites

We all know moisture can cause mold growth, but it can also cause pests like ants and termites to enter your house. Termites can silently cause expensive damages by chewing through the wooden components in your property. Therefore, be on the lookout for rotting wood and any source of excessive moisture.

  1. Pest-control inspection

Lastly, when your remedies fail or are too late to be used, call in the professional pest control services in Auckland for an inspection. This will allow you to prevent any further damage, as you will be doing preventive repairs that can stop pest infestation for good. Calling them early can save you thousands on repairs.


Pest can be, well, such a pest, interrupting your daily life. From bothering you as you step outside your house to entering your home, such insects and rodents can cause inconvenience. Storms only make this worse. Certain preventive measures, however, can help you stop this. These measures include conducting an inspection and looking for damages that can cause pest infestation.

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