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7 Best Cities In California (2022)

7 Best Cities In California (2022)

Can you believe that around 40 million people live in California?

Since such a big portion of the country’s population lives in the Golden State, people who live elsewhere wonder if they’re missing out. The truth is that California has something for every taste, so it’s worth exploring.

Are you thinking about moving to California or relocating to a new city? Read on if you’d like to learn about some of the best cities in California that you should research.

1. Los Angeles

When most people think of California cities, Los Angeles is often the first one that comes to mind. If you’ve always dreamed of having a glamorous lifestyle, then LA is where you can bump shoulders with a bunch of celebrities. You’ll never have a dull day there.

2. San Francisco

San Francisco is another one of the best places in California due to its charming hills and architectural wonders like the Golden Gate Bridge. You’ll have no trouble finding a wide range of activities, restaurants, and other perks after you set your roots down.

3. Venice

California travel may not be your first impression when you hear about Venice, but you’ll forget about Italy as soon as you get to know this gorgeous place. Venice is the perfect blend of natural landscapes, cozy suburban neighborhoods, and convenient urban amenities. You can browse real estate here:

4. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is one of the most picturesque cities in California. It has pristine beaches, mild weather, and lots of attractions that are close together. This means that it’s easy to get around without a car if you ever feel like taking a scenic walk or bike ride.

5. Sacramento

The capital of California has to be included on this list since it has so much historical importance and culture. If you want to avoid the beach crowds, Sacramento offers rivers where you can kayak and do other outdoor activities. You’ll love being able to visit the museums, eclectic restaurants, and even Old Sacramento.

6. San Diego

San Diego may not get as much attention as Los Angeles or San Francisco, but the residents like it this way. You can enjoy similar amenities at a fraction of the cost as a result. Whether you’re a student, a parent, or a retiree, you’ll be able to thrive there.

7. Anaheim

People who love adventure can’t overlook Anaheim, the home of several amusement parks and sports stadiums. You may have to deal with tourist crowds, but it’s worth it to have full access to the finest restaurants, music venues, and other unbelievable benefits.

These Are Some of the Best Cities in California

California is an incredible place to call home no matter where you go. After reading this guide on some of the best cities in California, you can look forward to moving into your dream house.

Would you like to learn about some other fabulous places to explore around the world? Check out our blog posts.

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