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7 Best Instagram Marketing Courses Online [2022]

The Instagram app has enormous growth potential as India’s digital revolution gains momentum. Additionally, the user base is expanding quickly. If you want to understand Instagram marketing? The best Instagram marketing courses in India have then been compiled in this article. One of the most in-demand skills is Instagram marketing knowledge.

Yet, you could ask. What exactly is Instagram marketing and how can it benefit you? Let’s investigate the utilisation, benefits, and demand in light of this. The best Instagram marketing courses in India will then be examined.

Instagram marketing is the promotion and development of a company’s brand presence on the social media platform. Instagram marketing is often done by social media marketers. This is categorised as Facebook marketing. Since Facebook owns it, many of the tools and services for running advertising come from FB. These tools are used by marketers to build and enhance a brand’s online presence.

Social media marketing is in high demand.

The following factors have contributed to the recent rise in demand for social media marketers.

Brand Awareness

One of the most successful platforms for raising brand recognition is social media. As a result, both large and small firms guarantee that social media will raise brand awareness. To produce social media content and manage paid advertising, social media marketers are employed. With the appropriate social media strategy, businesses may undoubtedly obtain a sizable following and notoriety.


Perhaps the most economical way to carry out an advertising strategy is through social media marketing. The creation of an account is free on almost all social networking sites. Get a sense of what to anticipate if, however, you choose to use sponsored social media promotion. Ads on social media may have a higher ROI. This can greatly improve conversion rates, which will raise profitable sales.

Link up with clients

Similar to this, brands may use social media to engage with and comprehend their customers better. As a result, companies may produce superior goods.

Additionally, they can improve their services and goods based on real-time customer feedback.

Brand Loyalty: Its Importance

Similar to the points mentioned above, businesses develop a devoted following. Sales will therefore occur without advertising the next time a brand introduces a new good or service. As a result, consumer loyalty and retention rates rise. Customers are familiar with brands. Additionally, they quickly connect brand colours and designs.

Brand Influence

Every firm needs brand loyalty and satisfied customers. But the most important factor is communication. Positive impressions are made by brands that actively interact with customers through comments and email. Yet how? through DMs and comments replies. When choosing a product to purchase, customers tend to lean more in that direction.

A positive reputation benefits the brand and increases sales. Customers are more likely to purchase a brand’s product because they feel at home and connected to it.

dependable traffic

Increased brand authority generates greater traffic, as was noted in the preceding point. Customers are more likely to pay attention to a brand that they can relate to. Quality traffic flows since the brand has already established a solid presence. Additionally, higher engagement also leads to greater conversions. Businesses get clients, and as a result, successfully build their brand recognition.

Social media marketer responsibilities

The following are the duties of a social media marketer. A social media marketer starts by researching the target market. After then, SMM analyses the competition. Other responsibilities include managing the budget, scheduling postings, and developing advertising campaigns. They might also work together with influencers. Analyze the effectiveness of the adverts as well. The next step is a discussion-based meeting with stakeholders.

That can seem like a lot of work to you. But do not fret. For various tasks, the majority of businesses have dedicated social media managers. This is a broad overview of the duties of social media marketers.

Let’s look at the top Instagram marketing courses online before you become overwhelmed by learning everything.

The top Instagram marketing programs online:

# Academy of Digital Marketing

Academy of Digital Marketing in Kolkata offers courses in Instagram marketing as part of its digital marketing curriculum. Academy of Digital Marketing is a top training organisation for the digital sphere. This course covers all you need to know about Instagram marketing. In addition to Instagram, there are also modules for email marketing, web design, and other social media marketing. Academy of Digital Marketing also provides internships and help with job placement in addition to training.

Additionally, students can develop their portfolios and work on real-world issues during the paid internship.


There are two branches of NSDM India in Pune. The Institute offers a wide variety of courses as part of its commitment to provide merit-based, high-quality education. The digital marketing course is one of those. Its combination with projects and practical instruction makes it one of the most popular courses. The programme offers comprehensive training in digital marketing. It therefore covers fundamental to sophisticated ideas in social media marketing.

It included more dependant lessons in addition to only educating about Instagram marketing. Students can learn about social media marketing in general as a result. However, there is also a training just for social networking. Here are the course materials. Look into it.


With a history spanning more than 40 years, NIIT is a renowned training facility. Full-stack digital marketing is covered in the NIIT course. It gives placement certainty despite being an online education. It also grants students industry-leading qualifications that they can highlight on their resumes. Additionally, the Institute offers training in soft skills and practise interviews to help job candidates succeed.

# Trainee in digital

Another institution offering Instagram marketing training online is The Digital Trainee. Students will learn how to maximise their social media profiles in this course. Here the sudents can thus learn how to increase traffic and engagement for both themselves and their clients. Students can also get answers to their queries and doubts from highly qualified instructors.

# Blend Infotech

IT, software, and digital marketing courses are available in Pune through Blend Infotech. The four-month digital marketing course includes a subject on social media marketing. The training will provide extensive understanding about digital marketing in addition to SMM. Students will also learn how to create a website and sell products using marketing techniques.

# LIPS India

Alumni from the IIT and Academy of Digital Marketing created the training organisation LIPS India. Here, excellent instruction is provided. Lips India offers a wide range of courses in many different subjects. For those who are interested in social media marketing, they have however introduced a course on it.

As a result, all necessary social media-related subjects are covered in the course. Among various Instagram marketing classes in Pune, this one boasts one of the most rigorous curricula. Because FB and Instagram marketing work hand in hand, both are included in the course syllabus.

A real-time live campaign can be built by each social media marketing batch. LIPSINDIA will fund the fees if students decide to run advertising campaigns for their companies.

This guarantees that students get to develop real campaigns. This is why we included it in our list of the top Instagram marketing courses in Pune.

# Triumphant Digital

In Pune, India, a Digital Marketing Training Institute called Victorious Digital was established in 2014. There are eight courses in the course, each covering a different aspect of social media marketing. It’s also important to note that pupils are taught social media optimization strategies.

They also teach useful knowledge, which results in training that is based on actual situations. Over 2500 students have finished the course, according to their website.

They promise students 100% job placement assistance in addition to high-quality education.

Students acquire a certification from them that serves as proof that they attended a respectable institution for their education. They combine theory with hands-on training for good practical experience.

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1. Which degree is ideal for digital marketing?

A list of the top digital marketing courses is provided in this post. Check, then select your courses accordingly.

2. Is social media marketing a career with a bright future?

It is, indeed. Let me compile some statistics to further explain it. Approximately 4.55 billion individuals use social media at this time. This number will continue to climb, and quickly. User activity is more likely to rise as more users log on, particularly in India. Because of this, social media marketers are increasingly in demand from businesses all over the world. No organisation wants to lose out on this beneficial chance.

3. How long is a course in social media marketing?

An average social media marketing course lasts 3–4 months.

4. Why should you study social media marketing?

Every year, there is a growing demand for social media professionals. since companies spend a lot of money hiring them. There are numerous courses available to develop this talent as a result. In 2020, 1.3 million new users will join social media every day.

In other words, companies go where their customers are most likely to be. Brands want to take advantage of this opportunity as much as possible. Brands work to strengthen customer connections, raise brand awareness, and prioritise customer pleasure. Social networking is undoubtedly a practical and affordable way to do all of that.

So improve your social media marketing skills and find employment. Check out our blog’s listing of Instagram marketing classes in Pune.


I hope this list of Instagram marketing courses in Pune has helped you decide which course is perfect for you. Every course is superior in its own way. These courses were chosen based on their educational content and practical application. Students should take on obstacles on their own even though these courses are practical in nature. Why, you might wonder. if there are already practical lessons in the course. Your point is valid.

As you gain more experience, your Facebook and Instagram marketing abilities will improve. You can concentrate on developing their unique brand. By the end of the course, they will have learned and put what they have learned into practise. They can include those stats in their portfolio while they work on their brand. You will profit whether you intend to work for someone else or work for yourself. As much as you can, put the strategies into practise. You might find clients and start working while you are studying.

Instagram marketing is a fantastic job choice, therefore you’ve picked the proper decision. The need for social media marketers is expanding as more businesses move their operations online.

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