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7 Common Iconic Food items of Karachi

Karachi food

Karachi’s cuisine is a blend of a number of cultures. Numerous ethnic groups and cultures have incorporated flavors and spices for a diverse range of heavenly food items. There are several dhabas, dining places, and cafes in this metropolitan city that are used for the taste buds of millions of people.

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Karachi won’t disappoint you in catering to you a variety of heavenly food items. Yet we’ve managed a collection of 7 common iconic Karachi dishes to assist you to get a taste of the best.

Anda Paratha:

Anda Paratha

Starting from breakfast, Anda Paratha is one of the favorite breakfast food items of the people of Karachi. The egg is most preferably a fried one but people also prefer a spicy omelet. Anda with Paratha is a heavenly and fulfilling combination.

Special Mention: Nashta at Boat Basin, any Nashta Joint in Karachi.

Anday Wala Burger:

Anday Wala Burger

Anday Wala Burger is a popular food item in Karachi. You can have a taste of its awesomeness from almost every corner of the city. A Soft Kebab Patty is draped into an omelet which is then fried with just the perfect quantity of onions, tomatoes, and sauce. Then this mixture is then stuffed into a fried soft bun to make it toasty. So, don’t miss out on this mouthwatering treat.

Special Mention: Pakistan Chowk, Tipu- Boat Basin, Shahi Bun kebab- Nazimabad.

Chicken Tikka:

Chicken Tikka

A doppelganger of Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka is mostly preferred in Karachi with the right amount of spices and tenderness. It is prepared by marinating boneless or bone-filled chicken breasts with yogurt, lemon juice, and a few spices. The marinated chicken pieces are cooked over the fire using skewers and are often served with cut limes, yogurt or green chili and paratha or naan bread.

Special mention: Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House, Meerath Kabab House, Mamoo Delhi Kabab House.

Beef Fry Kabab:

Fry kebab is minced beef or chicken that is fried in butter. Not every kebab house can do justice to its unique non-stingy taste. If you are in Karachi we will highly recommend you to try out this one.

Beef Fry Kabab

Special Mention: Meerath Kabab House, Waheed Kabab House Burns road branch, Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House.


Although, Lahore is famous for serving Nihari in its literal form and time (as it is served as breakfast there because of Nihar in its name) the twist that Karachi has given this dish is commendable. Another twist added to it is Nalli nihari which is the specialty of all Nihari houses in Karachi.


Special Mention: Javed Nihari, Zahid Nihari Restaurant.


Karachi is well known for its biryani. The city offers many versions of it, with Nalli Biryani a newly invented one. There are quite many places from where you can have a gist of its taste but biryani places situated in Burns Road are the best of them all. This dish is enough to get you convinced to buy a property for sale in Karachi.


Special Mention: Mazedaar Haleem, Food Center, Madni Biryani.



Then, talking about seafood so it wouldn’t be a showoff to say that Karachi caters to the best seafood in the entire country. Having the Arabian Sea just beside with a rich blend of culture, the seafood here is to die for. It has the fresh supply of literally any seafood item from shrimps, lobsters, crabs, oysters, and every other consumable seafood, you name it.

Special Mention: Biryani of the Seas (BOTS), Civic Center and Hussainabad.

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