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7 Common Law Firm Marketing Myths and Ways to Debunk them

Law Firm Marketing Myths

The owners of the law firms, as well as the advocates, are aware of the importance of legal marketing. They often have to understand the point from where to start as well as how to channelize online marketing, to derive the best results. Some of the lawyers are technically proficient enough, to make a jump start themselves. They take the help of various digital marketing programs, but they are often misguided by some myths and are not successful enough to accomplish the results. In this article, we will try to discuss the myths about law firm marketing.

Many lawyers have the required expertise and qualifications to attract a good number of clients coming in. But often the word does not get spread. Effective marketing with the help of online channels, helps the lawyers or the law firms have an edge over their competitors and frame a name for themselves in the markets. Online marketing for law firms helps in having a wider exposure. It helps people in reaching a large number of clients, much more than one can expect in word of mouth publicity or advertisements in the print medium.

The Myths

The various marketing myths for the law firms are restricting them from getting the desired results even if they are using social media, the websites and other online media of generating awareness. Let us know more about the myths and the ways to debunk them.

1.The same marketing strategy as others

Most of the law firms think that whatever marketing strategies are adopted by other businesses, will work for them too. They often adopt the same marketing techniques as others and think that their business will receive the maximum coverage with the help of these strategies. Marketing is always about having the maximum impact and the same strategies for every kind of business will never help. There should be special techniques for marketing legal services online. Being different will always yield better results.

2.Whatever is published gets the highest rank on the search engines

Well, this is an age-old myth and it is high time the lawyers stop thinking this. Just publishing a write-up on the website and expecting that Google will rank it on the top of the results is extremely foolish. For the content to get good rankings on the search engines, there should be enough material in the content to prove that it is quite relevant to the topic for which the people are making the searches. The website should also be optimized for mobile use, well-structured and should have good quality backlinks. The website should also be fast and should have the target keyword, seamlessly integrated into the content.

3.Just publish anything in the name of the content

Unless proper attention is paid to the quality of the content, the website will be of no use. Good SEO does not mean stuffing of content. The information should be able to help the readers connect with the services of the firm as well as the service providers. The lawyers should have a proper answer to the question, whether the content can convert potential visitors of the websites, to clients. Algorithms by Google and other search engines will assess whether the traffic is reading the entire content or sharing it on social media. When people get engaged with the content, the page is likely to perform better on the search engines.

4.Star expecting results as soon as the advertisements get published

Most of the firms expect immediate results as soon as they have started advertising. Advertising, be it conventional or online, never works in this way. People who are good with marketing are aware of the fact that patience is always the key. Proper checking of the messages, the ad formats and the test audiences are mandatory to understand what works. Establishing a connection with the audience also takes some time. All these take enough time for results to start pouring in.

5. All marketers can take care of the needs of a legal firm

As already discussed, every marketing need is different. The marketing strategies for every business will be different than the other. Similarly, all the marketers will not understand the specific needs of the legal sector, irrespective of the industries they specialize in. Also, just a marketer is not enough. There has to be a multidisciplinary team, comprising designers, advertisement experts, managers and copywriters.

6. If the firm is big, more money has to be spent on advertising

This is a very common myth that needs to be debunked. The bigger firms indeed cater to larger markets but the marketing budget is never determined by the size of the firm. If the firm is aware of the tricks and does enough research, it will require less amount of money to reach the targeted audience.

7. Marketing is no branding at all

People often confuse branding with marketing. The branding strategy includes the tagline, the communication strategies and the logo. It establishes a foundation on which the marketing concepts are developed. The marketing strategies help in maintaining continuity with the concepts which the branding part has already established.

Now that we are aware of the myths of law firm marketing, we can surely avoid them in future.

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I am Sophia Dicosta, is an Online Marketer & Web designer at Conroy Creative Counsel – best law firm web design agency in the USA.

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