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7 Common Uses of Distilled Water

7 Common Uses of Distilled Water

Ever drank water that’s been continuously boiled till turned to vapor, then condensed back to liquid in a different container? Well, that’s called distilled water!

There is a significant difference between distilled water and standard water. Distilled water is the purified state of water by the method of distillation, removing contaminants. On the other hand, regular water can easily get contaminated by human activity or natural sources, which affects the quality.

Between these two types of water, should you start using distilled water? Keep reading to learn the seven common uses of distilled water.

1. For Drinking

It’s very safe to drink distilled water as it doesn’t have any chemicals and contaminants. However, distilled water doesn’t have minerals and electrolytes that are helpful for our health.

Tap water, spring water, mineral water, and other types of water have minerals. Regardless, distilled water is suitable for drinking, and it helps detoxify your body.

2. For Ice Cubes

Impurities in tap water decrease the freezing effectiveness of water. Distilled water doesn’t have any contaminants, so it freezes quicker. Furthermore, ice cubes using distilled water can look more transparent and shiny.

3. For Baby Formula

One common distilled water uses are for mixing baby formula since no water could compare to it. Pediatricians recommend distilled water for milk formula as it’s contaminant and toxin-free. Water distillers remove 99.9% of contaminants, such as viruses, bacteria, lead, nitrates, and even uranium.

4. Baking and Cooking

When putting any foods in boiling water, it will kill any bacteria n the water and food. Even so, people still use distilled water in baking or cooking so that the food will be as safe as possible.

Additionally, rice or vegetables cooked in purified water taste better. Distilled water also soaks more flour than tap water, so pastries or a cake have a softer texture.

5. For Laboratory

All professionals agree that distilled water is more suitable for precise test results. Also, the pH level of distilled water is seven which is also one of the major factors in getting accurate lab test results.

6. Preserving and Canning Food

Distilled water is great for preserving the vibrant color of fruits and vegetables. Unlike tap water, which could make your goods look cloudy. Distilled water has no salt and minerals, so you can ensure that the flavors aren’t changed.

7. For Humidifiers

Scale and crust can form in humidifiers when you use tap water. However, using distilled water for humidifiers will ensure clean and pure mist. Also, humidifier manufacturers recommend it as it prolongs the life of your humidifier.

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Distilled Water Uses That You Need to Know

The cost of the procedure when preparing distilled water is quite expensive. However, water distillation through solar water distillers helps lower the price. In addition, these seven uses of distilled water ensure that you and your family won’t have to worry about your water.

Want to learn more about the various distilled water options or types of water? Consider browsing through our guides to learn more!

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