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7 Creative Classroom Door Decoration Ideas You Must Try in 2021

In the last few months, I’ve been getting more into those classroom door decor ideas, and one of my first little bit of homework was the concept of decorated door handles. A few friends of mine have gone off and joined a local craft fair, and I was hoping they’d take some of the ideas I got from them and make something of it. Searched the internet and school for these great ideas.

Here’s what we came up with. After searching online and at least 20 different craft stores for some cute ideas, I found that glue on decorations was great. So I bought a package of glue on “snow,” “gilded” letters (so really glitter), and glitter balls. That was excellent news. I’d made a dozen or so before and knew that this would be the easy part. Also, if you know anything about making decorative Christmas ornaments, then you’re on your way.

Creativity and Door Decoration

After you’ve collected your supplies and decorations, it’s time to get creative. I hadn’t thought about using these ideas for begining of the year before, and they turned out to be surprisingly easy to make. The glitter is what gives these classroom door decorations a genuinely unique and beautiful look. After all, what could be more easy than just rubbing some glitter on the letters and let them sit there for a while?

Glitter glue

For this first project, we decided to make some smaller door handles to start with. Then when we had some extra time, we decided to get more significant ideas for high school. That’s when I got all excited…glitter glue! Glitter glue looks a lot like glue but with a lot more power. It’s very sticky, and it has a funny smell to it. That’s when I remembered that bond was one of my elementary school students’ favorite classroom door decorations.

Classroom Door Decorations ideas

Decorating items for classroom

The items needed to make these classroom door decorations were wire, white paper, blue, yellow, green paper, glitter, a ruler (measure the door’s width at the top and along each side), a safety pin paste. We found that the easiest way to make the glitters stick to the paper was to apply a skinny layer of glue to the bottom layer and allow it to dry before working on the next item. The result was beautiful yellow or green sparkles all over the classroom door.

Next, we decided to decorate the bulletin board. This is where most projects stop. It’s the only place to cut holes for the glue to go in and come out. This is also the perfect spot to hang our colored pencils and pens. After gluing our projects to the board, we moved on to the bulletin board.

Door numbers for classroom door Decoration

Another hack for classroom door decoration is the use of door number letters and plaques. This unique idea will distinct your class from others in an effective way. For this purpose, you can make door numbers on your own, but if you are not an expert or not have time, you can get some good stainless door number service online. You have to select the color and design of the door number properly.

There are some advantages of having door numbers as well as voice activation, however. Because the numbers are located on your front door, you can announce them to anyone who can walk up to the house and place a phone call. Patients can still use the answering machines at the clinic or doctor’s office if they prefer to answer them instead. Even animals accustomed to coming to the front door can recognize the address and call when they’re needed.

house numbers for classroom door decoration

bulletin board and decoration

Again, this was the easiest part of decorating. We had plenty of classroom door ideas 3rd grade. One of the excellent classroom door decoration ideas was a bulletin board used as a desktop wallpaper. I cut my project out along the bottom of the board, used a glue gun to hold the project in place, covered the hole with clear tape, and used a magnet to keep the board’s left and right sides’ magnetic strips.


This was one of the classroom door decorations that my students enjoyed. Once you have these simple but creative projects to help you through the boring classroom time, you’ll begin to think outside of the classroom and develop some fabulous decorating door ideas of your own. Who knows, your innovative classroom door decorating ideas could become the talk of the school, and maybe even the county, too. Have fun creating your unique classroom door decorations.


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