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7 Effective Ways To Say Sorry To Your Sister

Sisters are God sent Angels, but at times they are devils also. Siblings would know it very well. When you get into a fight with a sister; she dons the red horns and fumes fire hard to escape. Her wrath is no less than that of Goddess Durga. Well, such are sisters, both their love and anger are boundless. However, their agitation won’t last long if you know the right trick to make amends with her. We have shared how you can make up for your mistakes and bring back the cheerful smile on her face. 


1.Take her shopping: Girls love shopping, meaning your sister is no different. Whenever you come across your sister to be angry, irritated or in a mood of fighting. Just pacify her by taking your sister on a shopping spree. Let her shop till she drops. It will be hard on your pocket, but that’s way better than confronting her anger. She will come back all happy and give you a nice, tight hug. 


  1. Order Favourite Food: If your sister is the one who gets annoyed on an empty stomach; then this idea will indeed work for her. Order her favourite food from the famous restaurant. If you are good at cooking; you can cook for her, and it will melt her anger. Take her for lunch or dinner. Just do not leave her empty stomach, especially after the argument. 


  1. Cakes and Desserts: Dark chocolate, a piece of cake, or any sweet delicacy is scientifically proven to increase the levels of serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine in the brain. The sure and sweetest way to turn on her happy mood is desserts and cakes. Everyone has chocolates in the refrigerator, so let her eat the whole bar of your favourite chocolate. If chocolate is not readily available, you can order birthday cake and pastries for her. The chocolate flavour is known to do the wonders instantly. 


  1. Give Birthday Gift: Siblings rarely get in the formality of exchanging gifts. Months before the birthday, sisters start nagging their siblings about the birthday gifts. If you ever get into squabbles before her birthday, make her smile wide on her D-Day. Along with planning a surprise birthday party for her, order an online birthday gift for sister that she has been demanding from you. It could be a dress, makeup products, jewellery, handbags, perfumes, or anything else. Personalised gifts can also be gifted to her. 


  1. Say Sorry Over Messages: Sisters love cute gestures and drama. If you want to please her, think out of the box. Do something that you haven’t done before or isn’t your forte. For example, you can hide sticky notes with messages and small tokens in her room. It can be a closet, books, study table, scooty. Every note will bring a smile on her face, and her heart will be filled with sisterly love for you. You can even make a Sorry greeting card and give her. 


  1. Record a Voice Note: Another interesting idea to patch up with your sister. Record a sorry voice note and send it to her. If there is a particular apology song she likes; you can sing and record the song for her. Improvise the lyrics if you feel like. A sorry video will work as well. 


  1. Act of Sorry: Get a Sorry T-shirt, and wear it all day long. We know the embarrassment, but it’s all worth it for your sister’s cheerfulness. By the end, she will surely forgive you and make amends. Later, you can always remind her of the extent you went for her forgiveness. 


Do not worry about fights and arguments. When in trouble, these ideas will come to your rescue.

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