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7 Features Your Security Door Should Have

This is when the evening temperatures are still cool enough to open your windows and doors. However, opening a door invites flies, moths, mosquitoes, and even unwanted human visitors.

1. Look for long-lasting materials

Instead of aluminum, make sure the door from Barlok Security Doors & Screens and its framework are high-quality, thick-gauge steel. Particular security doors are too light and flimsy, are made of aluminum and other alloys. A robber might simply pull one of those doors open with a crowbar. Steel is more durable than wood and will keep intruders out for many years.

2. Make sure you’re getting all you paid for

The lock and lever and delivery and door installation should be included in the price. Hardware from industry leaders like Kwikset and Schlage should be included. You want a door with a long-term or lifetime warranty to obtain better service if there are any problems or your door breaks down, which you will get in a store of  Security Doors Cranbourne.

3. You’d want your door to be securely fastened

Securing the door in place is referred to as “mounting.” The Barlok Security Doors & Screens installation should penetrate at least 4 inches into the wall to ensure that the door is secure. Installers should use screws that are 6 inches long and 5/16 inches thick. Some firms use shorter fasteners and only use hinges that reach 2 to 3 inches into the wall.

4. Use latch-and-lock guards and heavy-duty hinges

Intruders cannot pry open the entrance with tools because of the guards, which are metal plates. Also suggested are high-end machined bullet or barrel hinges with a load capacity of more than 800 pounds per hinge. An H-hinge that is screwed on is less secure and more prone to break. KNA Security have one of the largest ranges of security doors, and screens available, so we can accommodate any budget.

5. Get ready for the high-tech future

Make sure the hardware holes on the door can accommodate sleek, cutting-edge additions like digital equipment and Bluetooth or Smart Home locks. The narrow frames for less costly doors cannot sustain the latest electro-mechanical locks.

6. Powder-coating the door instead of painting it is a better alternative

Instead of having your security door spray-painted, you want it to have a baked-on powder-coated finish. Chipping and corrosion will be avoided as a result of this. Unlike paint, powder coating does not run or drip. If you acquire the right door, you’ll be able to choose from various colours. According to experts from your nearest stores of Security Doors Cranbourne, Powder coating is also more durable and environmentally friendly than paint.

7. Today’s security doors may have a high-end, appealing look

You can use hinged glass or a screen attached to the outside of the door, which the experts will make from the stores of Security Doors Cranbourne.

Price, of course, may have a significant influence on quality. All of these traits might lead to a higher price. Of course, you can get a door on the Internet for less money, but it will be made of inferior materials.


It is impossible to overestimate the value of doors in your home. They serve as a shield between you and the outside world. Intruders, bad weather, animals, and curious eyes are all kept away from you and your family by them.

Burglars may gain entry to your home via the doors and windows. It’s simple to safeguard your windows: install grates or construct them so that no one can enter through them. Another issue is with doors. Locking your doors is the first and most fundamental step in securing your home from Barlok Security Doors & Screens. Burglars can pick most locks, and many can even be forced open.

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