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Computers and Technology

7 Mistakes to Completely Avoid During Website Redesign

Websites are the basis for solidifying any business’s online presence. Having a private website is a necessity in this ultra-competitive market. Needless to say, these essential assets to companies need to be redesigned, updated, and renovated every few years. Here are 7 mistakes to completely avoid during website redesign –

#1 Failing to Analyse the Mistakes in the Old Website

It is impractical to set new objectives and results for a new website before analyzing your old website for critical metrics. When auditing a website for analytics information and KPIs, web designers can get to know

  • All layout related problems of the website
  • Missed opportunities in terms of incorporating design elements
  • Design elements that users appreciated and need to repeat

These factors are very valuable and must be taken into account during a website redesign.

#2 Low Budget

Are you redesigning your website after more than two years or so? Expect your costs to increase a lot. In the past, website elements like online brochures were sufficient, but in this ultra-competitive market there so many companies that contend against each other, each trying to offer users the best web applications, a website redesign will definitely cost more if the web designer needs to add advanced functionalities.

#3 Setting Impractical Deadlines

There are various stages a web designer must go through. This includes

  • Research
  • Wire Framing
  • Content Creation
  • Design Update
  • List Testing
  • Website Review

Going for all of this can take up months. If the task is given to a professional web designer, he or she will need at least 3 months and there is no need to rush the matter. 

#4 Ignoring Content Policy 

In order to stay at the top of the charts in searches, enhancement of the web design with a new, fresh content strategy that considers all the phases of your user’s purchasing procedure or other such behavior is crucial. Take this chance to make the best use of Google’s search algorithm updates as well.

#5 Not Investing in Mobile Responsive Websites

The number one priority for business owners should be to have a website that is responsive to cellar devices. Users should be able to easily browse through and conduct business on the website via their phones. If this update hasn’t been made in the past, there’s no better time to do it.

#6 Attending Clients

It is critical to let the customers know that the website is going through a process of redesigning. Having a backup website to take care of customers while the main website goes through an update is the best option. 

#7 Hiring the Wrong Company

Make sure to check the credentials of the company you are doing business with before signing the dotted lines. They must be experienced and keen on delivering the best possible web design. 

Get to work with the best Web Designer Sydney to make sure that your company has the best and the most effective website, and is not at fault for making these basic mistakes! 

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