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7 New Trends in Educational Technology

Online education has changed the entire perception of the education system. The impact of the internet on education has been felt with the emergence of service providers and automated tools like citation machines. But this massive change was not expected. Thanks to the present pandemic situation, the teachers and students are forced to accept new ways of learning. You will be unable to keep up with the education system if you are not well aware of the different technological developments.

Teachers have faced difficulties in switching to the new form of education. Students, however, are aware of the internet and frequently seek live help from experts. They also use automated tools like the word counter and many more while doing their tasks. Of course, it is not easy to accept such a massive change all of a sudden. But the change was necessary to cope with this challenging situation. So, without much ado, let’s look into the seven new trends in educational technology and how they have helped.

7 New Technological Trends in Education

It is essential to keep yourself updated if you are in the education sector. You cannot ignore any technical change. Instead, it is necessary to know and learn all of them. The entire world is dependent on technology. You cannot ignore the importance of it in any field. Students look for free academic tools to get through with the assignments. Similarly, the teachers are also looking for ways to enhance the teaching experience and help students understand the lessons well.  Here are the seven latest technological trends in the educational system.


Online learning is one of the newest technological trends in the education system. The pandemic has changed the perception of education. Students and teachers are looking for ways to balance the education system. Therefore, the flow of educational materials needs to be smooth. The e-learning concept has made this possible. People have been hearing about e-learning for quite some time now. But the essence has been felt during the pandemic situation. Students need notes from teachers or some extra materials to understand the lessons well. E-learning allows them to have such materials on their computer, laptop or smartphones. Read Also- 6 Study Tips that Improve Your Performance in College

It helps them to understand different lessons. The materials also help them get a quick reference while doing the tasks. It is essential to proceed with learning in any situation. E-learning helps in maintaining the educational ecosystem. Teachers are also dependent on such materials to prepare themselves for the class.

Video-assisted learning

It is essential to make the class interactive and grab the attention of the students. Teachers used to use animated videos in class to explain a particular chapter or lesson. The present situation has increased such usages. You can learn things by seeing a video. Many students look up to YouTube to understand different lessons. Many videos can help the students learn things correctly. Also, the videos are not dull and have all the elements to keep you glued till the end.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the new trend that has taken over most markets across the world. The researchers have predicted that AI can be the primary trend and see a growth of 45% in 2021. Therefore, it is essential to know this technology and understand its benefits. The future might see students seeking help from AI enable tutors when their teachers are busy with their work.

Some schools use AI to keep track of students’ progress. They get to know any shortfall in real-time and intimate the teachers about it. It helps in helping the students properly. The students also get benefitted from it. Knowing your shortfalls will help you concentrate on the lessons properly and maintain consistency in the grades.

Digital courses

The students always need someone to help them with their assignments. While there are service providers to help you with that, digital courses can help you upgrade your skills. It is essential to know more than what the teachers are teaching you in class. The digital learning platforms have helped students learn things beyond what is being taught in class. Also, you can get the necessary information to know a particular lesson better. It has proven to be helpful, and students are inclined to learn more about such platforms for a better future.

Game-based teaching

Teachers are always looking for ways to grab the attention of the students. It is not possible to do so if you do not know of the different techniques. Game-based teaching has always helped teachers to connect well with the students. You can use the technique while taking online classes as well. Share them a link where they play and learn online. It will help students pay attention to the lesson and be interested to know about it. Online teaching has opened a lot of avenues in this section. You will find a lot of games appropriate for a particular subject or lesson. It is the best technique when you are teaching children. It is hard to grab their attention.     

Online tests

Testing the students is essential to understand if they are in line with the lessons taught in class. Physical tests allowed teachers to keep a check on the students. They were not allowed to use any unfair means while writing the tests. But with the pandemic situation, there is no option of having physical tests. So, the teachers looked for alternatives to have the tests. Some tools helped them overcome the situation and find a solution to the problem. The teachers can share a link with students and ask them to complete it within a stipulated time. The tool will also notify the teacher if the student is using any unfair means. It is a huge technological advancement for the education system.


Another significant trend that has helped students cope with the present education system is e-books. It is essential to read to understand and learn. Unfortunately, the global pandemic situation has put everything to a standstill. The shops are not open, and people are facing trouble getting the things they need. E-books have solved a massive problem for students. They can get the same study materials and books online to study and understand a lesson better. Teachers are also encouraging students to use e-books. It is a ready solution for students who wait for a particular book and saves time and space.

Final thoughts,

The dependence on technology is not new. People all over the world depend on technology to do their daily work. Organisations are trying to keep up with the market with the help of technology. Education has gone through a massive transformation in the past year. But the use of technology in education is not new. Students were using different tools to complete their work and were also dependent on the internet for research and information. So, this sudden transition will not be difficult to cope with.

Drastic changes are hard to accept. The education system has changed completely. Knowing the new technology trends in education is essential to keep up with the present situation. Teachers have faced many difficulties in coping with the situation but have adjusted and are helping balance the education system.

Author Bio: Alley John is an academic expert associated with He understands the value of technology and helps students understand the importance of tools like citation generator machine, plagiarism checkers, etc. He is also a sports enthusiast and loves watching any sport.

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