7 Pieces Of Advice Every Woman Should Take From A Hairstylist

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Before a salon visit, women spend days looking for what’s hot and what’s not in hairstyle trends and decide to go with the one they fall in love with at first sight. They ask their stylist to give them the same look but, unfortunately, meet disappointments and return with a heavy heart. If the same has happened to you, you have probably tried to find another haircut salon for women and changed your stylist. But before you make an impulsive decision, take a moment to ponder: was it really your hairstylist’s mistake?

Believe it or not, stylists want their clients to like their hair and leave the salon with a big, satisfactory smile on their faces. Even they share their wisdom with their regular clients during their appointments to help them maintain healthy scalp and hair and come back for more services in the future. Here we have shared a few pieces of advice most hairstylists give to their clients that you must listen to the next time you visit your regular haircutting salon for ladies.

When they tell you your hair will get shorter than expected

It’s not uncommon to get caught up in the excitement of getting the desired haircut and say yes to cutting your hair shorter than you anticipated. After the touch-up, when you notice your stylist has chopped your mane too short, reality hits in, and you regret getting your hair done. Instead of crying later, listen to your hairdresser’s advice when they give you an idea of how short your hair will get after the cut. Never go shorter than what your stylist suggests; they might know better what length will suit you the best. If you feel your hair isn’t short enough after the haircut, let your stylist know, and they will do the magic you want to create.

When they tell you your mane will get shorter than you want

Most women approach a haircut salon only to trim their hair an inch. And when their mane looks unflattering, they blame their hairdresser for being inattentive or not trimming their hair correctly. Being stubborn about not cutting more than a specific length leaves your hairstylist with no choice; they do as you ask. Rather than doing the same and wasting your money on getting the bare minimum, be a little more flexible about trimming your hair. Your stylist might want to remove damaged hair to ensure your mane looks cleaned up. And for this, they may cut two to three inches of your mane, depending on the hair damage. So, whenever you look for a haircut salon for women, be ready to say goodbye to your damaged hair, even if it means a little more than you wish for.

When they tell you a certain hairstyle will not suit you

None of the haircuts is challenging for a hairstylist. They keep themselves up-to-date with the latest hair trends and work on their skills to provide the best services to their clients. So, if your hairdresser ever says the haircut will not flatter your face shape, they are probably not trying to avoid the complicated haircut but saving you from a haircut blunder. Every woman needs to understand that some styles are not made for every face shape, and they may not look as gorgeous as expected even after customizations. Believe it or not, changing the hair salon will not make any difference. Any hairstylist can pull off the look, but if it doesn’t compliment a particular face shape, they can’t help it. So, before you decide to try a style you liked in a magazine, ask your hairstylist whether or not it will look better on you.

When they tell you a particular hair color will not look the best

A hair colorist is unlikely to argue when you want to change your hair color. They will do exactly what you have asked. But, sometimes, they suggest their clients avoid taking the route and choose a different color instead. They do it because they know what color suits specific skin tones. Besides, your eye color is an essential consideration that you must not forget when choosing a hair color. A pastel pink might work for a woman with light skin tone and blue eyes, but it may not look attractive on a lady with dark skin tone and brown eyes. No matter how much you like a particular shade, avoid getting it done if your hairstylist recommends you not to do it. They serve dozens of clients a week, so they probably know better and are more experienced.

When they tell you not to bleach your hair

When you look for a women’s haircut near me, you come across dozens of choices. You can approach any hairdresser you want, and they will probably suggest the same. If your hair can’t handle bleach, you must not risk it, regardless of how many times you have bleached your hair before. Understand that bleaching is a chemical process that strips your hair strands’ color. Although your hair looks better than before, your mane will look dull when you bleach damaged hair. What’s more? Bleaching may cause your hair strands to fall out; that’s a risk that you might not want to take.

When they tell you to change your shampoo and conditioner

Your hair looks fabulous after washing, but does your mane look the same on other days? Probably not! If your scalp is oily, but the ends are dry and brittle, you might need a pH balancing shampoo for roots and moisturizing shampoo for hair tips, followed by hydrating conditioner. Many clients don’t know what’s good for their scalp and hair; they use the wrong hair products for their hair type. For this reason, many hairdressers give suggestions on what shampoo and conditioner they should use. But unfortunately, clients often mistake their recommendations for marketing tactics. Since it’s crucial to be aware of the hair type and the right hair products, taking suggestions from the hairstylist is wise. In fact, if your hairdresser doesn’t always advise on hair services, you can begin a conversation and ask for their recommendation.

When they tell you to be frequent with hair appointments

When you visit a new salon for the first time after searching for a women’s haircut near me, their hairstylist asks you to take hair services more frequently. Most women assume they say it only to create a client base, but that’s not entirely true. Hairdressers request their clients for frequent visits because their haircut needs adjustments from time to time, depending on their lifestyle. When you visit the salon next time, ensure that you ask for a cut that doesn’t demand much maintenance if you can’t book frequent appointments. And if you have no plans to visit the salon every four weeks, avoid getting a short haircut that needs trimming to maintain the shape and sharp look.

For a hairstylist, not every client is a customer. In other words, you may believe that they are selling you their hair products and service, but they might be giving you the advice to ensure you are satisfied with their services. So, whenever you approach a haircutting salon for ladies the next time, consider giving some thoughts on the wisdom shared by your stylist. It will save you from making a big hairstyling blunder or damaging your beautiful mane.


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