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7 Reasons to Have Spinal Cord Stimulation

If you suffer from chronic aches and pain in your back, you’re not alone. Studies show that almost 60% of Americans struggle with some form of chronic back pain.

Back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons including stress, poor posture, muscle tension, excessive strain, injuries, and lack of physical activity. While there are several different ways that you can treat chronic back pain, many of them only treat the symptoms and come with side effects.

If you’re looking for relief from chronic back pain, you might consider spinal cord stimulation. This unique procedure can help you manage your pain and get you back to enjoying your daily life.

Keep reading to learn more about spinal cord stimulation and why you should consider this treatment.

What Is Spinal Cord Stimulation?

Spinal cord stimulation is a procedure that helps treat different forms of pain. It is a neuromodulation technique that helps manage pain through an implanted device. The device is placed under the skin near to abdomen or above the buttocks.

Electrical signals are sent to the device to help enhance nerve activity. This can target pain in specific parts of the body and help reduce symptoms. It can help reduce pain in the neck, back, legs, and arms.

7 Reasons to Have Spinal Cord Stimulation

If you suffer from chronic back pain, spinal cord stimulation might be the solution for you. This procedure comes with a variety of benefits that can help you manage your pain and regain your life. Here are seven reasons to consider spinal cord stimulation.

1. You Contol Your Pain Relief

Pain can affect each person in different ways. Some have a higher pain tolerance than others depending on their lifestyle, emotions, and exposure to pain. For someone who suffers from back pain, having the luxury of adjusting their pain relief options can be life-changing.

The handheld controller that is connected to the implant gives your full control of adjusting your pain relief. You can target your pain and opt for as much or as little pain relief as you need.

2. The Treatment Is Reversible

Spine surgery is a costly procedure and it is a very invasive form of treatment. It is an important decision as it can alter your body in ways that are not reversible.

With spinal cord stimulation, the procedure is reversible. You can stop the treatment at any point if you feel that you are getting the benefits and results that you need. A spine surgeon can remove the implant with no long-term effects.

3. The Procedure Is Minimally Invasive

As previously mentioned, undergoing surgery of the spine is an invasive treatment option. Any back specialist will tell you that the procedure can be hard on your body and it can come with a long recovery time.

With spinal cord stimulation, you generally need just one incision to place the device in the required location.

4. It Is Cost-Effective

The nature of chronic pain is that it’s constant and with that, you are constantly paying for pain relief. According to recent studies, the cost of diagnosing and managing back pain is approximately $90 billion per year.

Spinal cord stimulation can provide long-term pain relief without the need to constantly pay for pain medication or rehabilitation. It is a cost-effect alternative to prescription medications as well as expensive surgeries.

5. It Reduces the Need for Medications

One of the key benefits of spinal cord stimulation is that it reduces the need for medications.

Many oral pain killers come with a long list of side effects including constipation, sleepiness, nausea, dizziness, and depression. These medications can cause new conditions that can exacerbate your chronic back pain. The procedure allows you to treat the problem area without causing harm to other parts of your body.

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6. You Can Enjoy More Daily Activities

The greatest advantage of finding relief from your pain is being able to enjoy daily activities again. Spending time with your kids, enjoying physical activity, and efficiently moving through your day is one of the biggest advantages of spinal cord stimulation.

The system is easily portable meaning you can travel with it and get pain relief anywhere you are. You can enjoy vacations with your family as well as other recreational activities that you used to enjoy.

7. It Comes With Fewer Side Effects

Side effects are a common part of any type of therapy or treatment.

As any spine specialist will tell you, all treatments can have some form of side effects. One of the final benefits of spinal cord stimulation is that there are fewer side effects than with other treatments.

Healing from the procedure can take as little as a few days. Other procedures can take up to several weeks or months to recover from. With this procedure, you will be back to your life within days.

Relieving Your Pain With Spinal Cord Stimulation

Suffering from chronic back pain can have a profound impact on your overall quality of life. Spinal cord stimulation is a safe and effective way to take control of your pain and your life. Remember that this procedure is reversible, as it allows you to target your pain, it is minimally invasive, it is cost-effective, and it reduces the need for medications.

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