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7 Reasons to Rent an Industrial Floor Scrubber

7 Reasons to Rent an Industrial Floor Scrubber

A floor scrubber is a handle piece of equipment, especially when your floors see heavy use. But, an industrial floor scrubber is expensive to own. The upfront costs and equipment maintenance might be too expensive for your company.

That’s where floor scrubber rental comes in. Renting one saves you money, space, and time. So, read on for seven reasons to rent an industrial floor scrubber!

1. Save Money

Between cleaning supplies and manpower, cleaning floors is an expensive business. Renting a floor scrubber saves money, time, and manpower. You only need one person to run an industrial floor scrubber, and they don’t need as much cleaning solution to get your floors clean.

2. Flexibility

Renting a floor scrubber instead of buying one offers your company some flexibility. You can cut the rental expense when money is tight. You don’t need to pay for maintenance for rental floor scrubbers.

When you do need to cut an expense, you cancel the contract to use the floor scrubber. When things are good, you rent another floor scrubber. It’s the perfect solution for small businesses.

3. Perfect for Occasional Use

Sometimes, floor maintenance doesn’t need scrubbing all the time. Daily upkeep with a dry mop with the occasional wet mop spot checks will do. When the floor needs a good deep scrubbing, that’s when you need an industrial floor scrubber.

4. Explore Your Options

Even if you are in the market to buy an industrial floor scrubber, renting is a great choice. It allows you to look over your floor scrubber options. Plus, while you do, you can try out different types of floor scrubbers to find which model best fits your needs.

5. Save On Repair & Maintenance

The best part about renting a floor scrubber is that you don’t need to pay for repairs and maintenance. The supplier handles all that. That adds up to big savings for you.

6. Save On Storage Space

You can have your floor scrubber rental delivered to your worksite each time you need it. This is a great solution when you have limited space to work with and you can’t afford to pay for equipment storage. You use the floor scrubber for how long you need it, then send it right back to the supplier!

7. Replace Old Units

Once you’ve used your rental industrial floor scrubber for a significant length of time, you might want to look into replacing it. If you owned the unit, you’d need to do a cost-benefit analysis for the replacement and find a place for it in your budget. When you rent, you don’t need that, you just need to send the old model back to the supplier and then choose a replacement!

Choose Your Floor Scrubber

Picking a floor scrubber is a tough choice. When renting an industrial floor scrubber, you can try different models before settling on the one you like. Keeping your floors clean is cheaper and easier with a rental floor scrubber!

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