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7 Reasons Why You Should Own A Wooden Watch in 2021

Why You Should Own A Wooden Watch

In the 21st century, it seems that many people are moving away from the traditional plastic watches we used to see. One of the first things they notice is how wooden watches have improved since their introduction. While they’re still not as indestructible as those made from precious metals, improvements in technology mean that they are better able to withstand the effects of time. If you want to know seven reasons why you should own a wooden watch in 2021, then read on.

One of the main reasons why it’s good to own a watch is because of the way it looks. Plastic watches are often very dull and lifeless. Because of the cheap manufacturing processes that go into making them, they have a plastic look. As time goes by, the colors will start to fade and the materials will become more delicate. Watches made from materials like gold and silver, which have a much higher resistance to damage, are far more appealing to people. Wooden watches UK | The Wood Look can also be more durable than those made from other materials. Plastic watches can easily break or fall apart after being left outdoors for a long time. Metal bands can rust after being exposed to water. When it comes to watches, metal bands should be avoided due to the risk of corrosion. The metallic look can look dated over time and will no longer be attractive.

A wooden watch can also make a fashion statement. Many celebrities are seen wearing a wood band, such as Queen Elizabeth II or her granddaughter, Princess Beatrice of York. While they may not always be the most stylish watch on the market, they are very striking.

Wooden Watch many different looks and colors

Owning a watch that has a wood case or band is also a good investment. This way you’ll be able to pass them down to future generations. They don’t loose their value like other metals, for example. Even if your watch is ruined, you can always find a new one to replace it. There are several types of watches that look good and are durable at the same time.

A lot of people decide to go with wood because of its natural beauty. Woods come in many different looks and colors. They also have different grains and markings from branch to branch. While metal bands might not look that attractive in a picture, they can really add character to a watch.

Wood is also more environmentally friendly than other materials. It’s not as easy to take the old wooden watches and recycle them into new products. If you want to make changes to an existing watch, you will have to totally destroy it and start over. With metal watches, there are different recyclable options. Plastic is the easiest to work with and you can create new products with it, while metal and wood won’t work that easily.

Wood is also better for your health than metal. When you’re getting your watch made, you’re probably aware of the amount of pressure that it will be put under. Steel isn’t that bad for the skin’s health, but some materials can really irritate the skin. Wood doesn’t put much pressure on the skin, which is very important for those who suffer from sensitive skin. Even if you’re wearing a silicone watchband, you’ll still benefit from the natural advantages of wood. You don’t have to worry about the band breaking because wood is strong enough to withstand any pressure. If you own a leather watchband, the leather will eventually become scratched or discolored. Wood will last much longer with the right treatment. You can actually polish the wood to give it a smooth look.

Advantages of Wooden Watch

The weight of a wooden watch is one of its most obvious advantages. You can’t lug something around like you can with some metal. If you’re hiking, you don’t need to worry about your watch falling off. You also won’t have to worry about the clanging of your watch when you step into a crowded bar. You won’t have to worry about having something fall off when you’re swimming either. A watch made of wood certainly looks more rugged and less like it would break.

The cost is another reason to get one. Compared to metal or even plastic, a wood band is cheaper. Even when you add in the cost of the watch itself, you’ll find that the price is much more reasonable than any other option. If you’re shopping for a watch, you don’t want to spend too much–you’ll end up buying something that’s just not very practical.

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