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7 Simple Ways To Transform Your Humble Hotel Room Into A Rejuvenating Spa

Spending a weekend in a luxury hotel with a lovely spa sounds like a great way to pamper yourself after a long, tiring week. Who doesn’t want to be treated with a full-body massage in a fragrant, dim-lit room with soothing music after a fun-filled city trip? Unfortunately, spa treatments at hotels aren’t always free. If they’re not included in your hotel room rate, they can be a bit pricey. 

The good news is you can mimic a satisfying spa experience in a hotel without hurting your wallet. How about transforming your hotel room into your personal spa? 

Whether you’re planning to level up your vacation or you’re looking to pamper yourself during a business trip, here are 7 things you can do to turn your humble hotel room into a soothing spa. 

1. Set the mood to pamper the senses 

For a full-bodied spa session, you should be able to please the five senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. 

  • The sense of sight

    • Does your hotel room have a dimmer switch? Turn down the lights a bit and light some candles for a dim, warm ambiance. You can also scatter flowers all over the floor or bathtub. 
    • Another great way to please the sense of sight is to book a room with a view. If that mid-range hotel in Wicklow Ireland has a stunning window view of the lush Irish countryside, it’s worth the extra cash than settling for budget hotels with unattractive views.
  • The sense of hearing

    • Create a playlist featuring a set of relaxing music. Take some cues from the music played in spas. In many cases, they play zen music with flute or harp instrumentals and sounds of birds and flowing water. If you’re traveling with a romantic partner. perhaps some soothing violin or saxophone instrumentals can put you in the mood. 
  • The sense of smell

    • Bring essential oils and a portable aroma diffuser to get the room smelling like a real spa. You may also pack lovely scented candles. Don’t forget the fragrant oils and lotions you can spread onto your skin. 
  • The sense of touch

    • Massage is the best way to please the senses. If receiving a real massage from a professional physical therapist isn’t possible, you can give yourself a DIY massage with small massage tools like massage balls, massage pillows, and other massagers. 
  • The sense of taste

    • Dark chocolate, chamomile tea, green tea, almonds, salmon — these are just some of the foods that are proven to calm you down. Munch or sip some to please your tastebuds while putting yourself at ease.

2. Level up your bath time 

Next to your everyday bath essentials and your hotel toiletries, you may pack a couple of stuff to make your bath time extra special. 

  • Epsom salt

Nothing beats soaking in a hot tub to relax those stiff muscles after a tiring day. Take it up a notch with the help of Epsom salts. These break down into magnesium and sulfate, making the water feel silkier. 

  • Bath bombs

Make your bathing time more colorful – literally – with bath bombs. They are available in a wide range of colors. Bath bombs may also include dried flower petals and glitter t make you feel a little extra special. 

  • Shower tabs

Don’t have a bathtub in your room? You can still have a luxurious shower time with shower steamers. Just place one of these essential oil-infused tablets onto the floor or shelf where it gets wet, and they will dissolve and release a soothing aroma.   

  • Face masks

Don’t forget skincare! While nothing beats a classic facial, a single-use face mask might be enough to refresh your face during your travels. 

3. Essential oils are truly essential

Give yourself a bit of aromatherapy with your favorite essential oils. They’re not only fragrant — they also come with a few benefits. They help improve sleep and relieve tension. 

You may add a few drops in the tub or into your unscented lotion and use it for a relaxation massage. You can also bring a travel-sized humidifier and add a few drops of your favorite scent. 

Different oils have different benefits too. For instance, eucalyptus can help soothe your sinuses. 

4. Take turns with the massage

Are you traveling with a close companion? While massage tools are nice, nothing beats getting a tension-relieving massage from a person’s hands.

You can find simple techniques online for massaging the back, head, neck, shoulders, limbs, hands, and feet. Improve your touch with massage oils. 

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5. Drink fruit-infused water

A chilled glass of red wine may help put you in a relaxed state. But if you’re cutting back on alcohol and you don’t like tea either, you may try sipping fruit-infused water. 

Pack a lightweight water bottle that comes with a built-in infuser. Grab some fruit from a nearby shop to soak. A refreshing drink as simple as cucumber water also helps. 

6. Bring an acupuncture mat

If you’ve tried acupuncture before and loved the results, you might want to invest in a roll-up acupressure mat. These mats are designed with small plastic spikes. When you lie on the mat, the pressure is spread along your back, helping to release muscle tension.

7. Take advantage of hotel amenities

Step out of your hotel room and take advantage of the facilities you may use to pamper yourself.

The swimming pool can be used for your pool workouts. Even a quick dip can help soothe your tensed muscles. 

Does it have a restaurant? Perhaps a delicious meal prepared by a professional chef can satisfy your taste buds and boost your mood. 

What are the simple perks you can take advantage of. Can you request extra pillows? Do they have complimentary tea bags, wine, and chocolates? How about designer soaps? Do they have exclusive deals for guests who booked directly with them? All these small extras can make a big difference to your vacation. 

Who needs you need to splurge on an expensive hotel spa session to feel good during your vacation? With creativity, it’s possible to turn your standard hotel room into a rejuvenating spa treatment area.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a foodie and travel blogger who loves discovering new sights and experiences. Her fondness for travel, food, and cultural appreciation makes it easy for her to write inspiring pieces of content about them. To know more about hotels and travel blogs, you may visit Tulfarris Hotel Wicklow.

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