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7 Tips For Modern Gentleman To Get A More Elegant Look!

Everyone wants personal elegance. 

In this modern world, some style rules become current fashion trends. And, every man and woman has a personal opinion over it.

But, being a gentleman doesn’t mean having only a glossy appearance. Gentleman’s status is acquired by actions, a code of conduct that excludes ignorance, irresponsibility, and rudeness. No matter how good you look, it doesn’t matter if you’ll not wear the proud status of a gentleman. 

Neatness and style are necessary things when it comes to getting a more elegant look. Many fashion designers and tailors set rules in custom made clothing

So, let’s take a look at this tailor guide for getting a more elegant look.

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How to Get a More Elegant Look?

  • Never Button Up Your Jacket
  • The Suit Must Sit
  • Don’t Wash the Suit After Each Use
  • Quality Accessorize
  • No Different Colors for Leather Accessories
  • Shoe-shine is more Important


How to Get a More Elegant Look?

Our world is developing rapidly, and so are the trends of the fashion world. The denim fit is a good example of changing trends. If last year skinny jeans were in trend, then this year wide, loose jeans are in fashion.

Everything changes – but if you have learned the basic rules, then it will be much easier for you to adapt to any changes in styles and trends.

Never Button Up Your Jacket

Buttons in jackets and shirts are for a clear purpose. If you constantly button up your jacket, the buttons of the jacket “tense” when you sit down. And, it won’t sit perfectly and make you feel uncomfortable. So here are a couple of tips:

  • Jacket with two buttons – one button is fastened, bottom or top.
  • Jacket with three buttons – two top buttons or only the middle button is fastened.
  • Jacket with four buttons – two middle buttons or three top buttons.
  • Jacket with five buttons – all buttons, except the bottom, are fastened.

The Suit Must Sit

Trends are constantly changing. However, one thing that doesn’t change is the correct fit. Whether a new trend is emerging in suit or T-shirt designs, the choice over the right fit will always be on top. Especially when talking about suits, you need to make sure they fit well on your shoulders. Ideally, the seam between your shoulder and sleeve should be right. 

It’s also important to pay attention to the sleeves. The sleeve should touch the wrist at the base of the thumb. A few centimeters of shirt cuffs should be visible from the sleeves.

A good fit of the trousers is important for a graceful profile. The cut should not be too tight, but narrow enough to support the cut of the suit. Your contour should be the center of attention when choosing clothes.

Don’t Wash the Suit After Each Use

When it comes to suits and jeans, there is no need to throw them in the laundry basket after every wear. When you wash your suit, keep in mind that the chemicals used to clean the suit will damage the fabric and weaken the seams. As a rule, brushing and drying the suit well is sufficient. This is also logical because very thin fabrics are mainly used for costumes. The thinner the fabric, the softer it tends to be. Accordingly, cleaning cycles should be kept to a minimum.

You probably don’t wear a suit every day. However, the likelihood that you wear jeans every day is much higher. Denim experts make it clear that jeans should not be washed too often. If you tend to throw them straight after wearing them in the washing machine, the color is lost and won’t wear off naturally. Therefore, it’s best to ventilate well and scrub the dirt thoroughly with a brush if necessary.

Quality Accessorize

Ties, Belts, watches, and other accessories will suit every person when it comes to choosing a more elegant look. So, pay special attention to the accessories you select. They should match the overall style well. Choose quality accessories made of metal or leather, they will add a sophisticated look to any outfit. Combining chains, bracelets or rings is a big trend that you can try on yourself today. Individually engraved or uniquely designed jewelry can add personality to your look. Which one to choose – will depend on your style and occasion.

No Different Colors for Leather Accessories

The colors of the leather accessories in your outfit should always match. In particular, this means that the belt, watch, bracelet and bag must be color-matched. There must be a certain harmony between the details. Make sure you’re also considering the color of your shoes.

Shoe-shine is more Important 

Anyone with comfortable leather shoes knows that they need to be cleaned and looked after regularly. Since shoes are a lifelong investment, you should take care of them. In addition, having a suitable shoe-polish will make your shoe look shinier. It’ll also keep the leather supple and soft. Thanks to the protective layer of shoe-polish, it’ll protect them from water and dirt.


Wearing quality-fitted clothing, matching accessories, and a clean hair-cut will help in making a more refined look. This won’t only make you feel more stylish and appealing but also confident also. For example, the tailors of suit alterations in Sydney will take proper measurements of your body and prepare a well-fitted suit for you. 

Hope these above-mentioned tips are helpful and make you a well-dressed modern gentleman in no time.

J. H. Cutler

J. H. Cutler, one of Australia's and the world's great tailors, has provided bespoke tailoring and shirt-making services to discerning gentlemen throughout Australia, and across the world.

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