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7 Tips To Write An Excellent Essay Blog

Internet is a hub of information they say, but where does all the information come from? From us, we humans write essays and blogs to present our views to the world meanwhile they perceive it as a piece of valuable information. Indeed, they are to educate people, and the most dominant way of marketing – digital marketing. Content is king and if you wish to hold the throne, you must know what it takes to write an excellent piece of essay blog. You do not have to begin with a professional essay writing service, you can write better than that once you know the trick.

However, publishing on the internet is not much of a deal as compared to writing an interesting essay blog. You can hire a cheap assignment writing service but what did it cost? A few dollars? That is not the concern, you are deprived of developing skills needed to be a good writer and a marketer. Moreover, defining your essay as an interesting one comes along with a catchy introduction, structured and consistent content with a thought-provoking conclusion. Well, it is what you already know. But what you do not know is this;

  1. Choosing The Ideal Topic

As a writer, you may spend more time searching for the best topic or title than actually writing on it. Indeed, finding an ideal topic that interests you is a daunting process. Why not the topic that interests the audience? Every topic of discussion has a vast community of people interested in that particular discussion. Therefore, whatever topic you write on interests that relevant audience, it is you who has to write. Thus, find a topic that interests you for researching and writing on it.

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In contrast, avoid getting distracted if you are unable to find the topic in a few minutes. It becomes stressful as a lot of content is available on the internet already and to stand out, you have to come up with something extraordinary. Something which has a high search volume but less content and information for the users. Dive into that little information and gather as much as you can from different resources to develop a firm understanding of the topic for effective writing.

  1. Master The Topic

Before you proceed to write, carry out in-depth research on the topic. Learn about it as much as you can through different resources. Often writers tend to rely on a single source but little do they know that it has limited information. However, when you look upon the different resources, you will find contradictions and similarities of statements and facts. Therefore, you will have a remarkable understanding of the topic and a clear idea of what is true or false about it. Besides, once you master the topic you will be able to provide more extensive and well-structured correct information to the audience without any hesitation.

  1. Create an Outline

Be it an essay, blog, article, research paper, or any other writing in the world, creating an outline before everything is indispensable. It is the key to effective writing execution and a smooth process of writing. Align everything you wish to write in bullet points and headings. As a result, you can brainstorm the writing with efficacy, and eventually, your writing will be well-structured.

  1. Precision Is The Key

Often, writers get so carried away that they get off track and lose precision. The readers are here to have information with very minimal reading, they wish to be answered in a single word. So how do you suppose to get off-topic to prove your single point with many others on the line? Maintain a concise format of writing where each sentence has its value, a piece of information submitted to the user to keep him intact with the essay blog. Avoid repetition, wordiness, and passive voice abuse to give your sentences a good and meaningful structure.

  1. Explode Your Creativity Out

A compelling essay blog is a pool of creativity reflecting the ingeniousness of the writer to attract the audience to read his blog than many. Let your creative mind come into action and deliver the most impressive discussion to indulge the readers read the entire blog.

However, when being creative, you often get out of the track while I have mentioned not to be and to avoid it the most. Therefore, be creative within limits so you do not lose the precision of the writing while keeping the readers engaged. But, how to be creative is one of the biggest issues.

What do you think creativity is? Creativity can be anything, any words to barge in the audience and prompt them to read your writing. For instance, demonstrating a relevant real-life experience of yours or collective makes a reader borrow it to read the entire 500 words essay.

  1. Legit Facts And Statements

Whether you are writing an informational or casual essay blog, always include facts and statements to make it powerful. A writing consisting of stats and actual statements is considered to be more impactful and influential. Besides, numbers attract users more than words.

For example, “more than half of the users never go on the second page of Google” can be made eye-catchy. See yourself; “Barely less than 25% of the users go to the second page of Google”. That percentage fact makes all the difference.

Besides, including statements from a speech as it is to the writing creates a notable impression on the reader. We find those statements to be more true than any other thing and to seek the truth, we make searches on Google.

  1. Review, Edit, and Delete

Once done with writing, it is a humble request to every professional writer to proofread it. Often, we avoid reviewing it, either because of the self-confidence or tiredness of writing an extensive essay blog. Indeed, understandable but still does not justify the need of proofreading it. It is inevitable to produce an excellent piece of essay blog. Read it thoroughly to identify any mistakes within and correct them. The most common mistakes are either grammar, punctuation, tense, or spelling errors. Correct them for a flawlessly written essay.

Moreover, on reviewing, if you find any sentence or word you think is compromising the quality and it could be any better if you remove it. You stop yourself as it lowers the word count. However, avoid chasing for the word count, it should not any problem whatsoever while writing an extensive paper. Deleting any sentence or word should not be a big deal, it may increase the readability and effectiveness of the writing.

In addition, ask any senior or someone else to proofread your writing because they can do it better than you. They will review it more effectively and point out more mistakes than you. Accept the criticism and improve it based on the feedback.


Hope you find the tips and suggestions helpful. However, if you are still demotivated and struggling to create an interesting essay, avail the cheap essay writing services to ease yourself. Albeit, writing an effective piece of paper is not as difficult as they say. It just requires extensive research and a keen attention on the topic to completely understand it to make the discussion influencing.

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