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7 Tips You Can Use to Boost Your Social Media Followers

7 Tips You Can Use to Boost Your Social Media Followers

Social media is social for so many reasons! 72% of American adults use at least one social media website, with 70% using Facebook on a daily basis.

If you want to make a name for yourself or earn some easy money, you should develop social media accounts. However, getting social media followers isn’t as simple as it looks. You need to have a strategy and learn a few different social media tips.

What kinds of content do people like? How should you talk to your followers? How should you use hashtags and brand partnerships?

Answer these questions and you can grow your social media accounts in no time. Here are seven tips you should follow.

1. Build a Brand for Yourself

You must have a brand identity in order for your content to be popular. If you’re sharing many different types of posts that have nothing to do with each other, your social media followers will be confused.

Pick a topic that you want to focus your page on. You can pick a personal interest, your line of work, or something else.

Then develop content that relates to that topic. You can share posts from other users, but you should create unique posts. Infographics are good ways of sharing statistics and steps to solve a problem.

Your content should reflect your perspective. You should offer your own thoughts on things and phrase your posts in terms you use with your friends. If your social media presence is friendly, more social media followers will be friends with you.

2. Create Content People Want to Share

Infographics and written posts expressing your opinions are two kinds of popular content. You can also share photos, especially if your account is about art, flowers, or another visual subject. Take your own photos with a high-definition camera so you don’t have intellectual property problems.

If you are writing about your industry, you should share your knowledge of current trends. Forecast where your industry is headed and tell other professionals about your interactions with clients. Share breaking news stories and offer your analysis of what they mean.

3. Engage With Your Followers

When a follower writes a message to you, you should respond back. Even a brief reply can satisfy them and encourage them to continue engaging with your content.

If you offer an unpopular opinion about something, you should have debates with your followers. Share articles with them that affirm your positions and refute their arguments against you.

You can run polls, asking your followers questions related to your subject. Try to craft content based on the result of your polls.

If you want a quick way to increase social media followers, you can run a giveaway. Ask your followers to share your content with others in order to win prizes. You can give out cash, free products from your company, or swag with your social media handle on it.

4. Be Strategic With Your Content Schedule

You want to post enough times that you stay relevant and memorable. But if you post too often, your followers will see you as a spammer and unsubscribe.

Take a look at when other accounts post their content and try to post at a different time of day. You should also determine when your followers will be online. Young people will log on after school and work, which means you should post in the evening.

Facebook users tend to like pages that post once or twice a day. You may need to post more often on Twitter and less often on LinkedIn.

5. Adjust Your Content With Analytical Data

Your analytics page helps you track what your follower count is and how your followers are engaging with your content. You can see when your followers click on your posts and leave comments, which should affect your content schedule.

See what types of content you make are the most popular. If infographics do well, you should share more infographics.

6. Pick the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are a good way to boost social media followers. However, it’s extremely difficult to get followers through hashtags like #love or #food.

Try to pick more specific hashtags related to your subject. If you write about Chinese food, you should use #chinesefood or #quickchinesecooking. Use a few hashtags for each post so you can attract thousands of followers at once.

7. Make Partnerships

Companies may partner with you so they can sell their products to your followers. Don’t take every partnership deal you see, but read the terms of each one. See what you have to do and evaluate if you can increase your followers through the partnership.

You should also share content from other popular creators. This lets you form connections with their audiences and make them aware of your content.

Some companies and content creators will only form partnerships with you if you have large engagement numbers. You can use apps to boost your numbers, especially for popular platforms like Instagram. Buy an Android app for Instagram likes and see what other apps are available to you.

Get More Social Media Followers

You can get more social media followers today if you’re smart. You must develop a brand for yourself based on popular types of content like infographics. Write to your followers when they write to you, and adjust what you write based on your analytics.

You should also write specific hashtags that reach particular audiences. Feel free to make connections with other content creators and companies, but try to boost your numbers before then.

Social media is harder than it seems, and you need the facts. Read more social media guides by following our coverage.

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