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7 Ways to Gain More Instagram Followers in 2021 (100% Free)

If you are a Pakistani micro-influencer on Instagram looking to gain more followers, then this guide is for you.

Look, Instagram has a picky algorithm. I, like million others, get it!

If you have spent time on Instagram and have played with its different features, then you must know what I am talking about.

But if you don’t follow the tips I am going to discuss, you might never be able to transform from a micro to a macro influencer on Instagram in Pakistan.

Ready to learn how to gain more followers on Instagram in 2021? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • You Need to Have Relevant Followers

You must have had people suggest you to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on pictures of influencers and celebrities to get more engagement on your own profile. 

While this suggestion is pretty good, it is still incomplete. 

You should do all of this BUT you should engage with the content of people that are relevant to your industry. Mindwhiz, the best SEO Company in Pakistan, believes this strategy works 10/10.

For example, if you are a lifestyle expert then liking and commenting on an automobile page will not work out. 

You should follow people that are from your industry, so your chances of getting engagement from them increase.

Remember that Instagram shows you content dependent on the content relevant to your own feed and interests. The same goes for everyone else. 

Therefore, following people from your own industry and engaging with their published content can work pretty well in increasing your followers.

  • Collaborate with Influencers from Your Own Industry

According to Later, collaborations and partnerships on Instagram lead to a 3.2% increased engagement rate in comparison to 1.5% engagement across all the social media platforms.

For example, Waliya Najib – a Pakistani professional photographer and lifestyle blogger – recently collaborated with CCL Pharmaceuticals to convey a message about coughing in public. 

Influencers and brands collaborate to attract more audience because honestly, it works!

Our experts at Mindwhiz, advise our clients to do the same to increase their followers on Instagram. 

  • Visual Content Always Takes the Cake!

You know why Instagram really got famous? It made everything visual! 

Initially, you could only share images and videos with Instagram, but it evolved with time. 

But even today, it is extremely visual, and people use it to kill time. If you are not giving your followers something emotional and visual, then you’re not doing it right. Your followers would never stop and pay attention to your post if it is not ‘visual’ enough. 

If you are an influencer, people would want to ‘see’ what you can do. So, if you want to post an image, try to edit it first, and enhance its visuality.

Then people will definitely look forward to your content and like/comment on it.

  • Tag Brands to Provide Content For their Stories

As a frequent Instagram user in Pakistan, I often see people tag brands. I never realized the use of tagging brands.

But now I know that it enables influencers to create marketing content for brands and other influencers.

For example, according to our social media experts at Mindwhiz, tagging brands while posting an image that has their products in it can help grow traffic to your account. This can eventually increase your followers. 

Note: There is a reason why Mindwhiz is one of the top SEO companies in Pakistan. From our social media experts to marketing strategists, everyone is best at what they do.

  • Adding Geotags to Your Account Can Be Slick!

You must have noticed ‘Places’ when you go to search for something on Instagram. It is there for a reason.

See, Instagram uses your Geotags to organize posts.

You don’t necessarily have to put up a business location. You can tag your city in it, which can help some local audience to connect with your account.  

Interesting Point: Instagram algorithms work just like Google algorithms. For SEO, Google uses locations to rank websites. In an interview with a social media marketing strategist, Mindwhiz found out that location is a factor that Google algorithms use to optimize websites. It can be a smart way to seek a good ranking in the search engine. Mindwhiz keeps all of these ‘smart’ ways in view when trying to get their clients’ websites a better ranking. This is what makes it the best SEO company in Pakistan.

  • Consistent Posting Can Be the Key!

Posting once in a while, especially when you are short on followers, can be the death of your Instagram profile!

You should consistently make stories and post them on your feed. Also, you must make your content more engaging. 

Here are several tips to make your stories and posts more interesting:

  1. You can ask questions from your followers.
  2. Having a giveaway from time to time can attract the attention of more people.
  3. On your Instagram story, you can ask questions through a poll besides having an ‘Ask a Question’ session.
  4. Posting transformation videos can intrigue your followers.
  • Adding a Link in Your Bio

Engaging with your audience through other platforms can be a great way.

For example, Pakistani Instagrammers like Waliya Najib post videos about life events to their Youtube channels and then share them in their bios.

Links are only clickable when they are shared in the bio on Instagram. Never on your Instagram post.

This is why you can share a link to your blog in your bio and let it take it from there.

Following these 7 amazing tips can actually help you gain more followers on Instagram. 

Remember that 5% of the Pakistani population is connected through Instagram. Treat Instagram like your canvas and paint your story there to gain as much popularity as you want to with the help of the tips, I shared with you.

Good luck!

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