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7 ways to get rid of belly fat

Did you know that white rice, far from being a light food, increases abdominal fat? We can replace it with its integral version or with other cereals such as quinoa.

Losing belly fat is perhaps one of the biggest challenges we have when it comes to losing weight. Although fat tends to be located in different areas of our body, the belly is the most difficult area to work on, since it requires a lot of effort and willpower.

Although exercise and diet help reduce abdominal fat, it is also important to take into account other recommendations that can help achieve better results in a short time. We say that abdominal fat is the most difficult to eliminate, since this area tends to accumulate more fat.

Therefore, a simple carelessness, a whim or any other inconvenience can end weeks and even months of effort. For this reason, we must be very committed to the diet and follow various tips to achieve the desired results.

1. Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach

The consumption of water with lemon on an empty stomach is a great support to achieve a flat stomach and burn abdominal fat. This is due to the dose of vitamin C it provides, capable of increasing the oxidation of lipids when physical exercise is performed.

2.Avoiding the consumption of white rice

White rice is a refined food that contributes to increased body weight and abdominal fat. If you want to have a flat stomach, consider reducing the intake of carbohydrates. Diets low in these nutrients have been shown to be effective in achieving this goal.

3. Reducing and avoiding sugar consumption

Sugar consumption increases fat  around the body, belly and waist . To achieve a flat stomach, you should avoid eating sweets, sugary drinks and foods rich in trans fat.

Do not forget that the regular consumption of sugars is related to a higher risk of obesity and metabolic pathologies such as diabetes.

4. Drinking more water and less industrial drinks

Water consumption helps keep the body hydrated, activates the metabolism and stimulates the elimination of waste from the body.

The ideal is to drink more than 6 glasses of water a day . Of course, the water should be consumed divided into several times a day, since drinking them in a single shot does not provide the same benefits and, in fact, can be harmful to your health. Also, there is no rush!

5. Eating raw garlic within a proper diet

Although the taste and smell of garlic are not as pleasant as to eat it raw, the truth is that the effort is worth it. The consumption of raw garlic every morning supports the diet, since it helps us to burn fat more easily .

6.Increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables

A good diet to have a flat stomach and lose weight should include a significant amount of fruits and vegetables. You should avoid eating processed foods and choose to eat organic foods .

7. Consuming more spices and less salt

Although it is hard for you to believe, spices are a great support in the diet and contribute to weight loss. Popular spices such as cinnamon, ginger or cayenne pepper  allow us to activate the metabolism, providing other health benefits. In addition, they help lower blood sugar levels to prevent diabetes.

As you have seen, it is possible to lose belly fat, but it will be necessary to take a series of measures based on dietary adjustments. Combine these tips with daily physical activity to achieve your goal.

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