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8 Best Wood Watches For Environmentally Style

Wood Watches For Environmentally Style

The phrase ‘going green’ has been a popular slogan for decades, but it has become a trend in recent years. Because people are now more aware of their environmental responsibility, they are more cautious of their choices. Whether it is about organic food, usage of plastic, or wearing a watch, they want something close to nature. With the rise in popularity of eco-friendly products, more and more people are looking to go green in their daily lives. Switching from metal to wood is the best way to do so. Since wood watches are made of natural materials, they can last longer without affecting the environment. For men looking to play a part by wearing sustainable luxury, here are some of the best wood watches you can check out. 

The Glenwood Wood Watch by Lux Woods

Lux Wood is NC based Watch Company passionate about giving back to the environment. The Glenwood White Zebrawood watch is the perfect timepiece to gift your father, brother, or husband. Handcrafted from 100% natural zebrawood, this watch features an adjustable wooden band with a modernistic design. This gorgeous wooden watch will never let you down. With its daily accuracy adjustments, your watch will always be in sync. The custom graving options are available for both the watch and the wooden gift box included. With every watch you buy at Lux Woods, a tree is planted, making it the eco-friendliest of all!

The Garwood 360 – Felt Band

The Garwood 360 is the perfect introduction to the world in among best wooden watches for men. It’s an affordable, stylish, and classic timepiece that offers modern features in an eco-friendly way. Both smooth and elegant, this watch will add beauty to your wrist while being comfortable enough to wear every day. This timepiece features a battery-powered Quartz Miyota movement with a scratch-free crystal sapphire glass for the dial. Along with that, you get a black analog display. With this watch, you’ll get the best of both worlds – the reliability of a quartz movement and the accuracy of a traditional mechanical watch. What makes this watch more appealing is the combination of American Maplewood and felt leather band with a stainless steel clasp.

Haper Tiger’s Eye & Olive Wood by Jord Watches

Based in St. Louis, MO, Jord Watches are popular for free worldwide shipping. Harper is a classic, elegant watch crafted from olive wood and tiger’s eye gemstone known for its healing abilities. Transcend the ordinary and elevate your look with this exceptional watch. If you are looking for an affordable yet sustainable option to gift your father, brother, or husband, the Harper collection of Jord is the best. You can also customize it with size adjustments and message engraving.

Woodzee Natural Watch

If you are looking for sophistication in a minimalist design, then Woodzee Natural Watch is a must-have in your collection. Designed and handcrafted from 100% raw materials, this classic timepiece comes in five colors. The Swiss movement featured in this watch makes it different from others. The dial face and leather band materials are different in every color you choose. In short, you can’t go wrong with the quality and precision when you are wearing a Woodzee watch.

Chestnut Wood Watch For Men by Lakewood

The concise design of the Chestnut Wooden Watch by Lakewood makes it easy to match with any outfit. This boldly designed men’s watch is one of the best timepieces in their Cadillac collection with a midnight black face and 100% zebrawood band. Because this watch is completely made of wood, it is perfect for anyone allergic to nickel or any type of metal. Chestnut Wood Watch features a black dial with black and blue hands and a hard mineral glass face. Combining boldness with simplicity, this piece adds a bit of nature to timekeeping.

The Alterra Chrono 44mm by Original Grain

When you want to stand out in any event, pair up the Alterra Chrono 44mm with your formal or semi-formal outfit. Crafted with Taylor Guitar Ebony wood from Cameroon and Abalone shell stainless steel band, this watch will surely steal the show. Anyone who is a music lover or has used Taylor guitars will definitely love to wear a watch having a touch of their guitar lines. This timepiece is the perfect combination of historical watchmaking methods and modern chronographic techniques. What makes it the ideal gifting option is the 44mm wooden case that comes with it. 

UWOOD UW001 Black Brown Sandal Wood Watch by Uwood

Are you searching for some eco-fashion? Then the UWOOD UW001 Black Brown Sandal Wood Watch is your best bet to get this year. UWOOD combines the best watchmaking with the natural beauty of wood. This watch is made with 100% natural black sandalwood and is hypoallergenic and free from any chemical toxins. The midnight black blended with brown shade makes it look more appealing to the eye. Apart from the hour/minute hands and clasp, this timepiece is completely wood that helps you feel closer to nature while you wear it. 

Poseidon by Bewell

The Poseidon Luxury Watch for Men is designed for those who do not like bold colors and still want the genuine pleasure of wearing a watch. Featuring a Miyota watch movement from Japan, this 100% natural black sandalwood timepiece is created from one piece of wood, resulting in a clean and minimalist design that’s simple yet modern. Due to the natural wood grain pattern of sandalwood, each watch you’ll buy will be unique. The watch is water resistance up to 30 meters and comes with engraving options on both the back of the watch and the wooden gift box that comes with it. 

Benefits Of Wearing A Wooden Watch

Not only do they look and feel great, wooden watches have a lot of benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them:


There are many reasons to love a wooden watch, but one of the most obvious is that they are actually affordable than metal watches!


Wooden watches are said to be durable. It means that you get to enjoy your watch for a long time without worrying that it might break down anytime soon. You should also not worry about accidental injuries since the material is hard and sturdy.


Wood watches are hypoallergenic, which makes them ideal for sensitive skin. They do not contain any chemicals or metals you may be allergic to. 


Wooden watches are made from natural materials and are thus good for the environment. Therefore, you can feel good about wearing it and purchasing one for yourself or your loved ones.


The best thing about wooden watches is that they are very lightweight, even lighter than most plastic watches. It means that you will barely notice you are wearing one.

To Wrap Up!

As a conscious consumer, it is worthwhile to invest in your watch collection, not just for your own sake but for the betterment of today’s environment. Environment friendly watches are very beneficial for wrists.  There is a wide variety of exquisite wooden watches available in the market that any man would be happy to own. We’ve tried to narrow down your choices by listing down some of the best ones to ease your search for eco-friendly watches for men. 


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