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8 Hidden Gems in Thailand That You May Have Ignored Before

Steeped in fascinating history, breathtaking beaches, enchanting culture, and peaceful aura, Thailand is one of the best tropical destinations in Southeast Asia & unknown for Hidden Gems in Thailand. With over 35 million travelers welcomed every year across the globe, this country offers the memorable holidaying experience that you can cherish for a lifetime. From ornate shrines to mystic temples to idyllic beaches to natural wonders to luxurious escapes and everything in between, Thailand has it all to offer an incredible experience to the visitors. This Southeast Asian gem radiates the concoction of flavors like culture, floating markets, history, full moon parties, and a lot more to count. This tropical destination is an adventure and party capital of Asia and is home to a mind-boggling number of hidden treasures that you might have ignored while visiting before.

Top 10 Hidden Treasures in Thailand to Explore

Unpredictably luxurious, yet substantially wild – there’s a lot to Thailand! Scroll down to know about 8 beautiful yet unexplored destinations in the Land of Smile.

Admire the Architecture of Ayutthaya

Let’s unwrap the list with the architectural marvel of Thailand – Ayutthaya. Stroll around the capital around 417 years, this place gives you the feel of an open air museum. This is one of the best yet hidden tourist attractions in Thailand to know about the country’s glorious past. Every corner of this place speaks of the architecture dating back to the centuries. It is also listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a true example of art and architecture.

Enjoy Tranquility at Koh Tao

If you have an urge to spend some peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, then Koh Tao might be the best bet. The smallest island of Thailand, Koh Tao owes its name to the sea turtles that inhabit its shore and are found in abundance. This is an ideal destination for those who love scuba diving. Known for its white sand and crystal clear waters, this island is the best place to forget about your worries and hassles of the mundane life. Also known as the Turtle Island, Koh Tao is also a good place for diving.

Relish the natural beauty at Khao Yai National Park

Are you a nature-buff? If yes, then don’t forget to add the Khao Yai National Park on your itinerary and spend some time in the lap of Mother Nature. Here, you will get the chance to witness Asian Elephants, bears, gibbons, pythons, and a lot more to count. It is believed that Khao Yai National Park is the first national park of Thailand and thus, offers innumerable outdoor activities to the visitors like hiking, camping, etc. Make your Frontier Airlines Booking now and explore these hidden gems in this charming land.

Pamper the adventure junkie inside you at Khao Lak

One of the alluring yet unlucky islands in Thailand, Khao Lak was almost destroyed by Tsunami waters in 2004; owing to this reason, travelers usually avoid visiting here. This was ruined almost completely but is now restoring back and emerging as one of the best tourist attractions to explore. Lying in the Andaman Sea and thus, it is the ultimate destination for enjoying scuba diving. So, if you are up for some chilling underwater experience, then visit here and pamper the adventurer inside you.

Pai – Away from the Hustle & Bustle

Get tired of your monotonous schedule and overcrowded streets and are looking for a break where you can enjoy calm and peaceful vibes? Well, in that case, you can explore Pai, a small village in Thailand, and gather some beautiful memories that will linger on. Here, you can experience the lifestyle of the local people and get to know how they live peacefully away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan cities. The utmost quietness of this place leads to the solitude and tranquility.

The Hidden Gem of Railay

Yet another hidden gem in Thailand that you have surely ignored before is the Island of Railey. Located in Krabi, this astonishing place is home to multiple adventure activities including trekking and hiking. It is a perfect example of natural beauty personified and offers surreal vistas that you must capture in the lenses. It features four beaches and several trekking sites. This island also has a place called Railay Viewpoint from where you can enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The moment you arrive here makes you feel that you have landed in heaven and that feeling is beyond imagination.

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Mae Hong Son – The Late Night Market 

Mae Hong Son is not an ordinary market with local stores and branded outlets; rather it is an adventure market where you can challenge your adrenaline rush by involving in activities like bike riding and racing. You can enjoy innumerable adventure activities that will surely satiate the craving of your adventure buds. If you are up for these dangerous sports, then worry not as this is an ideal place for enjoying picturesque views from the top of the mountains. In addition to this, here you can also enjoy authentic and delectable Thai cuisines and street food to tickle your taste buds.

Explore the History and Culture at Lopburi

If you have a keen interest in History and Culture, then Lopburi is an ideal place for you to be. Thailand is famous for its vibrant nightlife and glistening temples and thus visiting here to explore the history and culture sounds less appealing. However, there are a few places in Thailand that offer you the glimpses of tradition and culture to the visitors and Lopburi is one of them. It happens to be the oldest cities in Thailand and one of the former capitals of the country. Surprised? Don’t be as this is 100% true. It has a lot to say about the history of this island. Here, you can find plenty of old monuments and heritage sites to explore. Get your Air France Reservation now and discover the majestic beauty of this lesser-known destination.

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