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8 salient features to bring excellence in the food delivery business

The pandemic situation has changed everyone’s lifestyle overnight and we people aren’t able to reach the required destination. This COVID-19 crisis, brought the people to expect an easy and quick way to accomplish their daily requirements in the new norm. 

Obviously, many on-demand delivery app like UberEats help people to get their favorite meals and beverages on time without any hassle. This convenient mode of getting food directly at the doorstep has increased the food industrial market size.   But, is it applicable to the new norm and worth investing in food delivery app like UberEats in 2021? This article will be delivering you the right answer with 8 essential features to straight forward your food business to a successful path. 

Why Should You Invest in a Food Delivery App Like UberEats?

Days before, COVID-19 attacked people who don’t get time to prepare meals for themselves and their family members on a regular basis. Yet, the restaurant industry bloomed with high revenue and generated new customers every month. 

  • The global value of the on-demand food delivery market size was 84.6 Billion US dollars by the end of 2018.

After COVID-19, people aren’t able to reach the restaurant directly and they can’t manage their time schedule with heavy work from home tasks. This toughest situation brought the high demand for on-demand food delivery service in the market. 

  • Nearly 60% of the people in the US started to order their food and get it delivered by the top food delivery services like UberEats. 
  • The on-demand food delivery apps like UberEats, Grubhub, Foodpanda, and many others have reached a surge of regular downloads of 218% daily during COVID-19.

With the help of the on-demand food delivery app like UberEats, the customers place their needed food and beverages from their nearest restaurant. This saves time as well as assists them to concentrate on their work task without any stress. 

Today, according to the government order, nearly 50% of the restaurants are opened and many more yet to be opened. Still, people are afraid to reach crowded areas like restaurants and other public hangout places. 

In fact, the market size of the food delivery industry is expected to expand in the new norm. Many industrial experts are considering it as the right time for new players to catch the attention of the customers timely.

  • The global online food ordering and delivery industry are projected to reach a peak of 182,237 Million US dollars by the end of 2024 with a CAGR of 6.4%.

Though the demands are high in the marketplace, building an app like UberEats is not an easy task for the newbies. Before thinking about the food delivery application development, it is better to know how it works to reach the customers.

Food Delivery App Structure 

  • Downloading and Customizing the User Profile – At first, the customer has to download the app from their respective store. Then, they have to customize their profile with the needed details to place the orders. 
  • Seeking and Fetching Nearby Restaurant Details – Once after the customization of the user profile, the customers are able to search for the nearby restaurant either by typing the current location or enabling the GPS and fetch the nearby restaurant offers.
  • Adapting to the Current Offers and Discounts – The food delivery app users are now able to check the current offers and discounts of the particular restaurant to fill their basket with numerous cousins and pay for it online/cash on delivery. 
  • Eye on Food Preparation and Delivering it – After placing the orders the customers are allowed to track their placed order in real-time with the exact food preparation time and delivery agent arrival at the user’s doorstep. 
  • Food Quality Evaluation and Delivery Anatomization – The customer can evaluate the food quality and standard of the restaurant in packing the ordered meal. At the same time, the customers are also able to review the delivery service. 

This evaluation and anatomization will be monitored by the restaurant owner as well as the food delivery app admin. This reviewing section acts as a bridge to know about the customer’s expectations and their feedback on the service that can be rectified in the upcoming orders

The workflow of the food delivery app is simple if the tech tacks are implemented properly with the latest trends in the market. Developing an app is always a costly thing, every entrepreneur isn’t able to afford it. 

But, the entrepreneurs also got the best choice to launch their food delivery service in this competitive market with the UberEats clone. UberEats clone script is a pre-developed app that allows the entrepreneur to customize the application according to their business demand. 

Though the UberEats clone script is highly demanded in the 2021 market, not all the app like UberEats give the best outcome. Therefore, make sure whether your UberEats clone app has the 8 essential features to strongly point to your success.

8 Salient Features Make the Food Delivery App Successful in the New Norm?

  1. Build Custom Profile for Restaurants – Allows the restaurant owners to customize their restaurant profiles to update constant offers without any hassle. This also helps them to reach their customer’s expectations occasionally.
  2. Special Food Listings – To be at the top of the page, the restaurant owners can use this feature to list their top cushions. This brings visibility among the customers to choose the special food of the day.
  3. Location-Aware Metrics – Location plays a major role in the on-demand delivery app, therefore making the service transparent is a must. Location-aware metric lets the users know about the exact location of the food and it can be tracked in real-time.
  4. Event-based Food Ordering – Bulk order uplift the revenue, late-night party or day party. This feature lets people order bulk amounts of food with special discounts and also improves the restaurant standard within the app.
  5. Focus on Food Schedules – Most of the people used to get organized with their work on a daily basis. This feature gathers the attention of the workaholic people and makes their ordering process simple scheduling. 
  6. Brand Assurance Metrics – Every restaurant owner needs brand assurance, therefore letting the customers review the restaurant brand on each order will improve the quality of the restaurant and be able to get to the top of the place. 
  7. Instant Food Delivery Availability – Few customers required instant delivery options on the common meals according to the time period. This feature enables it and the customers can get the food instantly without any delay. 
  8. Smart Tracking of Food Processing – Allowing the customers to know about their order will improve the app quality. Smart tracking of food processing features will allow the customers to know about the meal preparation time and delivery time estimation.


UberEats clone is the ready-made solution for entrepreneurs who are ready to take the footsteps in the on-demand delivery industry. Choosing the right UberEats clone script will improve the service standard and let the entrepreneur withstand the big brands in the market.

Make sure your app like UberEats has all the 8 essential key-features to boost-up the food delivery service in the new norm.

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