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8 Tools For Online and Offline Selling

Online and Offline Selling

There are thousands upon thousands of martech tools, so it’s hard to choose the right one. However, sales don’t happen online only. This means that you will need offline tools as well.

Achieving more qualified sales in 2019 is the number one goal of small businesses and sales professionals.

With increasing competition in virtually every niche, it is difficult to do this.

The right tools are key to reaching the right leads at the right times.

Many people limit their use of online tools to a small extent. They must emphasize offline tools as well.

These are eight small tools for your online and offline business in 2019. Londonpost

8 Tools to Support Online and Offline Selling

  1. PandaDoc
  2. JetGlobal
  3. Coworking
  4. FocusMe
  5. Postalytics
  6. Twitter
  7. HubSpot
  8. Unbounce

1. PandaDoc Secures Your Customers Data and Contracts

Cyberattacks and/or leakage of customer data were the fate of 61% of small business owners in 2017.

This is extremely high, especially for small businesses. The news media focuses on large corporations being blamed for data breaches or cyberattacks. But small businesses are just as at risk.

Small business sales are all about trusting your customers. You need security software that can handle invoicing and contracts.

It’s gone! No more sending old, insecure PDFs. You will have to add more data to your CRM if those PDFs don’t integrate with it.

PandaDoc software allows you to create sales proposals, documents, contracts for work, and quotes online.

PandaDoc customers have seen 28% increase in their closing sales.

2. JetGlobal: Use Business Intelligence Dashboards

HubSpot’s State of Inbound reports that the efficiency of the sales funnel is a top priority for sales teams.

Gaps in your sales funnel can result in lost sales. Gaps are often due to incorrect data.

Poor data understanding can result in low sales numbers, regardless of whether you have the wrong personalization, customer, or contact data.

Every sale, even if it’s a small one, has a direct impact on your downstream profit.

Drag and Drop functionality allows you to simply drag blocks or templates of customizable data, such as customer info and key performance indicators.

Data is everywhere. But it’s not useful data. Make dashboards to understand your clients better and increase your sales.

3. Coworking Spaces: Close Deals Offline

Sales tools can be found online, but they don’t have to be limited to software or products.

Traditional sales techniques aren’t dead. Sales professionals rate in-person talks as a key source of closing business.

Small businesses might only be able to operate online. Real estate is becoming less expensive and less necessary than it was before.

It is important to close professional, high-ticket deals. Here’s where coworking space comes in. Expansive and other coworking offices are popping up everywhere.

Coworking is becoming increasingly popular among startups and small business owners. You can find it in many cities across the nation.

A coworking space can provide a high-quality, professional experience to large clients by offering them conference rooms, lounges, and other amenities. Crunchbase

4. FocusMe: Improve Sales Efficiency

It can be hard to manage sales online for a small company.

Sales efficiency can quickly fall, whether it is a spreadsheet (or your CRM), a calendar, or any combination of all of the above.

In a matter of seconds, you can become distracted online. If you run a small business, you will need an application to eliminate distractions. FocusMe has many great features, such as time-tracking or website blocking.

You can for instance block certain sites that are distracting you and allow you to focus on the task at hand.

You can disable any website that could hinder you from working.

FocusMe is another option to track time spent on sales projects in order to produce comprehensive ROI data.

Sales efficiency is key to greater profits.

5. Postalytics – Direct Mail is Not Dead

Direct mail may appear outdated but it is still an effective way to reach customers.

Direct mail is still alive and well, even though there are many digital marketers taking over the space.

This means you will attract more attention, and seem less spammy.

A majority of consumers desire to receive mail from companies regarding promotions, information, and deals.

This is a dream come real for sales. Unfortunately, it’s not simple to manage offline analytics and tracking.

Postalytics is available, thanks!

Postalytics is a direct connection to your CRM that allows you to customize direct mail messages for specific segments, targets, or groups.

Do not overlook offline sales marketing. This can be very effective for the right leads.

6. Twitter: Use Social Listening

Social media is an effective way to drive sales. Direct advertising, promotion, and interaction with customers can all be done through social media.

Instagram and other platforms aren’t your best wins. Facebook won’t be your best friend.

Instead of thinking in terms of direct sales, you should use social media for a different purpose: social listening to brand awareness and brand awareness.

Social listening is a great way to get feedback from customers, make customer service improvements, or attract new customers.

It is possible to solve customers’ problems if they are understood. These problems can be solved and they can become loyal customers.

The possibility of connecting with others on Twitter could lead to new customers. Brand24 is a social listening platform that can be used to identify potential customers.

Brand24 had a conversation and she was interested in a tool for social listening. She likely ended up making a sale.

A second benefit is the monitoring of your content marketing efforts for brand recognition.

For example, you could promote your latest podcast via social media to compare it to video.

It is also possible to test calls to action prior to putting them online on a sales site.

Twitter is the best social network to use for social monitoring because it is mostly text-based. Twitter can be used to do keyword searches.

7. HubSpot – Prepare for Offline Meetings Using Persona Data

A good CRM is essential for every sales team.

HubSpot is the current champion of CRMs.

Get a forever-free plan to try out the contact deals, insights, as well as actionable tasks per lead.

Selling is all about reaching out at the right times. You will overwhelm leads if you contact them too early. You will lose your nurturing efforts if you reach out too soon. HubSpot can assist with this.

HubSpot is a reliable CRM that can help you manage your leads and contacts, as well as reach out to the right people at appropriate times.

8. Unbounce – Create sales pages in minutes

Personalization is the cornerstone of small business sales.

It is likely why customers choose you over other businesses: You care about your customers more than just treating them like another number.

If you want to keep converting leads into sales, personalization will be essential.

This becomes more difficult in an ever-increasing online world.

Personalized landing pages are one of the most tried and tested methods. Housecall Pro offers this example landing page:

Notice how it targets a very narrow niche (plumbing).

Take a look at this landing page:

It’s almost identical. You’re right, but it targets a new market (electricians) and speaks directly to their pain points.

Housecall Pro uses emotion to tap into each segment and creates better close rates than standard bullet points.

This type of development is often very expensive. Unbounce can be a great addition to your sales toolkit.

Drag and–drop landing pages are easy to create, customize and publish in just 30 minutes.

Unbounce can make personalization simple and cheap.

Diversify your Online & Offline Sales Tooling

Martech has seen an explosion in the last few years.

But, in all the innovation, we have neglected our roots: offline selling.

These eight tools can help you better communicate online with your potential customers and increase sales.


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