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8+ Various Types Flowers & Gift Ideas for Happy Mother’s Day

In the last year, the world has gone through hardship. Some situations have made family members stay away for longer. You may have spent several months without seeing your mother. But you can make her feel your presence by sending her . 

Tips for Sending Flowers Amid Pandemic

  • Order the flowers early and avoid a last-minute rush. It ensures you don’t miss flower orders. Also, the flowers will get to your mother on time. You will also get the flowers you want. 
  • Have flexible delivery dates. It will ensure the delivery service providers observe the health guidelines. You only need to send the flowers and not the virus. 
  • Expect some substitutions since some florists were affected by the pandemic. Many of them have a limited supply in flower quantity and variety. 
  • Research on the florists that will offer the services you need. 

Flowers and Gifts to Send on Mother’s Day

You can send any of the following flowers with mother’s day gifts. The gifts can include customized jewelry, coffee mugs, household equipment, gift vouchers, subscription tickets, gourmet gifts, etc. 



Carnations have a long history with happy Mother’s Day celebrations. Anna Jarvis, the official founder of Mother’s Day, sent over 500 white flowers to mothers in West Virginia in 1907 to commemorate her mother’s death. Since then, people associate carnations with Mother’s Day.

Pink carnations represent a mother’s love. Ensure you add them to every bouquet you send your mother. White carnations symbolize unconditional love. A perfect bunch would contain both colors. But you can send white flowers to a mother who lost their mother to death. Pink carnations are suitable for a mother whose mother is still alive. 



Every woman loves roses. Your mom would appreciate a bouquet of colorful roses on Mother’s Day. You can copy other people and send pink and white roses. But you can also do things differently and send her some light red roses to express your love for her. Orange and yellow roses are a symbol of joy and gratitude towards a mother. 



Daisies are great flower gifts to mothers who are lighthearted, simple, and friendly. You can choose any variety of daisies. Gerbera daisies are great since they are bigger than other daisy varieties. They also exist in a range of pastel colors. You can have a lovely and colorful bunch to convert that dull day into a Happy Mother’s Day. 



Do something different this year and offer your mom a long-lasting flower gift. You offer anthuriums as potted flowering plants. They can last as long as your mother wants to stay with them. 

Anthuriums have waxy petals and leaves. They also need minimum care. Thus, your mom will have an easy time taking care of her Mother’s Day Flowers.


Do you have a trendy mom? Then the best Mother’s Day flowers for her are orchids. Purple orchids are an excellent choice. But you can also select other available hues.

Orchids represent a go-getter attitude. It is a trait many mothers acquire as they bring up their children. Pink orchids are a symbol of femininity, elegance, and poise. 



Tulips offer a range of colors. The beauty of tulips is it only on the petals and in the meaning of each color. Red represents romantic love and probably the only hue not suited for your mother. Then there is purple. If you view your mother as a queen, then she deserves the royalty color. Pink is for affection, and white is for cheerfulness. If you need to send an apology, you can do that with a bunch of white tulips. 



Hydrangea exists in full, lush purple, lavender, blue, hot pink, and white flowers. They are great gifts to a supportive and loving mother. Give them to your mom if you can count on her for anything in life. 

Blue hydrangeas are readily available at any time. Do not shy off sending them even when they are common. But when you have time, you can search for the rare hot pink and variegated varieties. 


You can never go overboard when you choose to please your mothers. Lilies are some long-lasting flowers that you can send her on mother’s day. They give you a wide variety of flowers to choose from. Peruvian lilies are multicolored. Their petals have freckles. Thus, they stand out in a bouquet. You can send your mom her favorite color since you have a wide color selection.

White calla lilies are another house you can send. They are large and long-lasting. They are the only cut flowers your mother can have for several weeks. 


Peonies are large and graceful. These symbols of honor and good fortune exist in a variety of colors. The purple, pink, and white flowers offer you a great combination for Mother’s Day. Their large blooms allow you to get a large, showy bouquet at a fair price. `


You can create a with simple gifts. Flowers will warm and melt her heart. Send the flowers alongside some gifts and keepsakes. 

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