9 Things Students Do That Drive Teachers Bonkers

Not many students think that they annoy their teachers. Teachers are also people with their own feelings, emotions, and desires. Often they want to put the student in his/her place by scolding, but this profession and institutions do not allow them to do this.

Students should not forget that the negative emotions of the teacher can affect their relationship with them and even cause conflict. But what exactly annoys teachers? Let’s talk about nine things that annoy teachers the most.

Little Things That Annoy Teachers

1- Constant Late-Comings

Some students cannot come to class on time. They are frequently late for most of the classes without any good reason. The teacher could explain a new topic, but at this moment, a late student comes into the class and distracts everyone. Therefore, such regular delays begin to infuriate teachers.

2- Inadequate Quality of Assignments

Teachers spend the entire course on teaching the research writing techniques to students. However, when they submit the work, it’s not up to the mark. This infuriates most of the teachers that students did not pay attention to the classes.

And all their hard work went to vain. However, to avoid this, students can take assistance from dissertation writers in UK for help. These writers can help them to maintain the quality of work.

3- Distracted During The Lecture

A student may even be distracted by extraneous things like focusing on their partner in the class and not listen to the teacher. Or some students even play with phones, use headphones, draw doodles in a notebook, and ignore the teacher.

Moreover, even after the teacher’s request, such students continue to be distracted and do not listen to the instructor at all. Such disrespectful behavior annoys the teachers.

4- Violating Personal Boundaries

Some students may violate personal boundaries with the teacher. Such a thing undoubtedly begins to annoy the teacher. They may start to address a teacher by name etc. No matter how old the teacher is, even if he/she is younger than the student, it is not acceptable to violate personal boundaries.

5- Not Doing The Homework

There are some students who don’t do their homework at all. They don’t care that teachers give bad grades. But teachers often worry about their students and want them to start learning. Therefore, they are outraged when students cannot sometimes complete the simplest tasks because this means that such students will not understand the topic.

6- Lack of Motivation

Many students in university are not motivated enough to study and acquire new skills. They are just there because their parents said so. But other students consciously came to the institution to receive professional education but still do not want to study?

Many of them are counting on high-paying and responsible work in the future. Therefore, the teachers are sincerely perplexed why some of his/her students do not show interest at all and do not even try to understand something.

7- Reluctant To Answer

Teachers admit that the students’ silence pisses them off. Although the question may be simple, it would seem that adults behave like cowardly rabbits. A normal teacher will react calmly to the fact that someone answered incorrectly or made a mistake.

But when a teacher asks a question, he/she is looking for an answer even if it’s wrong. But complete silence may annoy some teachers.

8- Disrespectful Towards Teachers

Teachers do not like students who do not greet them while entering the classroom, do not apologize for misbehavior, and stay involved in useless activities even during the class. Also, teachers do not like it if the student never addresses them by name. One gets the impression that the teacher is so unimportant to the student that one may not even remember his/her name at all.

9- Getting Work Done By Others

Teachers have a very sharp eye when it comes to checking the assignments of the students. They know where every student stands and what his/her skills are. So, if most of the students take assignment writing services for completing the projects, it may annoy the teacher. An instructor gets to know whether it has been written by a student or some professional by reading assignments.


The teacher, like any person, will always appreciate self-respect and will always reciprocate the right attitude. But some teachers can get annoyed even at little things. So be careful, try not to do the above things that can irritate a teacher.

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