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.After delivering a baby, when moms take a look in the mirror what they notice are those extra pounds that they have put on due to those late-night cravings and hunger pangs. If you are one of those moms then keep reading. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways in which you can lose weight naturally with 9 actionable tips!

Gaining extra pounds during pregnancy is completely normal and considered essential too by gynaecologists

But if you don’t lose that weight after delivering your baby you will be categorised as an obese person and that won’t be good for your health in the future. Losing weight can be hard especially after giving birth but if you follow these amazing tips you’ll be well on your way to losing those unneeded pounds for good. So here we are listing 9 tips to help you lose that baby weight:

  • Keep your goals real: Childbirth is a lengthy process and since your body takes 9 months to gain all that weight don’t expect to lose it in 30 days. Keep your expectations and goals real. Depending on how much weight you gained, expect your body to lose only 10 pounds within a year. And if you have gained a lot, then there is a high chance that you won’t be able to go back to that exact number that you were pre-pregnancy. But still don’t lose hope and eat healthily.
  • Don’t diet: 

    As absurd as it may seem, top dietitians from all over the world don’t recommend dieting to new mothers. Low-calorie diets can help you achieve your weight loss goal quite quickly but they will leave you tired and cranky. And being deprived of your favourite foods along with a pile of responsibilities will eventually take a toll on your mental health. So instead of going on crash diets, Dietitian in Lahore recommends eating a well-balanced diet that will help your body heal and recover post-delivery. And if you are a lactating mother you will require more calories than normal so diets are strictly a no go area for breastfeeding moms. Staying away from dieting is recommended for all mothers who want to lose weight naturally.

  • Breastfeed: Breast milk is considered the best food for your baby since it has so many benefits for the little one as well as the mother. Studies show that breastfeeding helps in losing the extra pounds faster. You may not notice a reduction in your weight for the first three months due to an increase in calorie intake and lack of mobility. But as soon as you are mobile enough you will start burning 500 to 700 calories in a day. So to lose weight safely while breastfeeding, follow your doctor’s recommendations for how many calories you are supposed to consume daily. Breastfeeding is a completely natural and proven way to lose weight faster. And it’s good for the health of your baby.
  • Drink plenty of fluids: 

    Load up on fluids. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and it will, in turn. Speed up your metabolism and make you feel fuller. Recent studies suggest that one should not rely on the old method of drinking 8 glasses in a day but they should take a look at their urine’s colour and how often they are going to the bathroom. So if you’re drinking enough fluids. Your urine should be clear and you should be using the bathroom every 3 to 4 hours. If you stay hydrated you can get rid of those extra pounds in due course.

how to gain weight after delivery
how to gain weight after delivery
  • Incorporate exercises: 

    Moving your body enough is a really important aspect of eating healthy if you want to lose weight. So new moms should try incorporating strength training exercises to keep their muscles and bones strong enough and burn extra calories. Exercising may also help relieve depression and solve sleep problems. It is understandable that finding the time to go to the gym may be difficult. For new mums but even a brisk walk can help in getting your heart pumping. So if you want to lose weight after giving birth exercises are a surprisingly effective way to do that.

  • Get enough sleep: It is near to impossible for new mums to get straight eight hours of sleep but sleep deprivation is one of the important factors that will not let you lose that baby weight. So it is advisable for new mums to sleep when the baby sleeps. Because if you over exhaust yourself your body will release cortisol (a stress hormone) that induces weight gain in the human body. So the key is to catch as many naps as you can in the day and try going to bed early. Give your body the rest it deserves and you should be able to lose your extra weight in no time.
  • Avoid artificial sugars:

    Be it cakes, sugary drinks, fruit juices, biscuits, pastries. Sweet spreads we agree that they are extremely tempting and so hard to resist. But you need to make the right choice by avoiding all the processed sugars. Substituting them with whole foods like eggs, fruits, legumes, yoghurt, fish, meat, and vegetables. When you crave junk food make sure that you have enough stock of healthy snacks available at hand. Some great healthy snacking options are veggies with hummus. Seaweed snacks, granola bars, greek yoghurt, spiced nuts, dried fruit, air-popped popcorn or string cheese.

  • Avoid alcohol: Even though some researchers believe that a glass or two of red wine may have health benefits. But most dieticians and doctors are united on the fact. That alcohol only provides extra calories and doesn’t have much to do with nutrition. Alcohol intake contributes to weight gain by storing more fat around your organs. And for breastfeeding mothers alcohol is strict. A no-no because there is no such thing as a safe level of alcohol for infants. It is suggested that when you’re in the mood to drink. Celebrate you should go for unsweetened flavoured sparkling water rather than alcohol if you wish to lose those extra pounds.
  • Seek medical help: 

    One should never be ashamed of seeking support, assistance or help. If you’re eating healthy and exercising consistently and are still unable to lose baby weight then you should definitely visit a Dietitian in Karachi. They will take a look at your condition and weight. Analyse you for any underlying conditions that may not be letting you lose weight. If there are no underlying conditions diagnosed.  Then they will guide you about the way you should go to lose weight more efficiently.

Bottom line: If people are commenting on your body just let them be. Don’t lose weight because you wish to fit it in the beauty standards fixated by society. Lose it because it is essential for your health. Ultimately it’s your body and it’s up to you to decide what weight you are comfortable with. And if you are unable to lose it due to any reasons don’t let it take a toll on your mental health. Eat healthy, exercise and stay happy because what matters most for your child’s wellbeing is a happy mom.

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