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9 Tips To Pick Your Perfect Fashion Wholesale Rings

A guide to choosing the perfect ring for you.Punk Square Brand Face Chain Ring

Women wearing jewelry are radiant everywhere, they can easily use jewelry to improve their status and enhance their self-confidence. They are the brightest stars in the crowd. Everyone must learn to use their strengths and avoid weaknesses when wearing jewelry. So, how to choose the right ring becomes very important, because the hand is the second face of a woman. If you choose the right wholesale rings, you can hide the shortcomings of the hand shape and highlight the temperament from the details.

If you are not sure what type of ring you are suitable for, please read on, because this article is a guide to choosing a ring that suits your personality.

  1. Do You Know Which Size Ring is Right for You?

    There are really many factors that affect the choice of the ring sizes, such as the increase or decrease in weight that is unavoidable when growing up, and the seasonal changes that alternate between day and night throughout the year. These may bring some uncertain factors to your choice of size. Therefore, we will teach you how to choose the right size ring! Simple Square Inlaid Diamond Ring
    When measuring the ring size, you should pay special attention to the following 4 precautions.

    • Finger size:

      People with large joints must measure the joints of their fingers. The rope should be measured with a material that will not extend or bend. The ring size of more men is usually about 0.7 to 0.8 inches in diameter, and the ring size of more women is usually about 0.5 to 0.6 inches in diameter. After putting on the ring, make sure it can slide smoothly over the knuckles of the fingers.

    • Measure time:

      If you want to get a more exact size, you can measure it at night, because the size of your finger is the largest at this time, and it is recommended that you take the average after multiple measurements.

    • Seasonal changes:

      When choosing a ring, make sure to adjust the size appropriately according to the season. According to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, when buying a ring in winter, the ring should be able to rotate left and right but not easily fall off. It can be one or half a yard smaller than the ring chosen in summer. When buying a ring in summer, it is better to choose a ring that feels a little tight after wearing it.

    • Elastic adjustment:

      If you feel too loose after wearing the ring, you can wind a transparent fishing line on the inside of the ring to prevent it from falling off. If it is too tight, you can apply soapy water on your fingers so that you can put it on or take it off smoothly.

    Multidimensional Twisted Cuff Ring

  2. Do You Know Which Style Ring is Right for You?

    In terms of color, human hands can be white, yellow, black, and red; in terms of shape, they can be divided into size, fat and thin, Coarse and fine, Long and short. In terms of skin texture, they can be rough or delicate. The natural characteristics of the hand determine which ring suits best.2 Pieces Diamond Inlay Cuff Ring Set
    Here are 3 tips to help you choose a ring based on the different characteristics of your hand.

    • Standard hand:

      The standard hand shape is meticulous and slender. Any style of the ring will be perfect to match it. If you choose a large diamond with a classic claw inlay style, it will not only highlight the fullness and beauty of a single diamond, but also a more elegant temperament. Set off elegant and noble.

    • Stubby hands:

      People with stubby fingers need to use straight lines to stretch their fingers to compensate for defects and increase the overall balance feel of the fingers. Choosing a simple and long linear, olive-shaped or pear-shaped ring style can visually stretch your fingers and make them more beautiful. At the same time, People with stubby fingers need to avoid round, square and rectangular diamond rings.

    • Thick and long hands:

      Human hands with thick and long fingers will look less delicate. Therefore, you can choose a round and wide ring style. It is best to inlay larger jewelry on the ring. A large ring can conceal the thick fingers visually, making the fingers look noble and elegant.

    Love Heart Shape Diamond Cuff Ring

  3. Do You Know Which Color Ring is Right for You?

    When choosing a ring, girls should choose the right ring color according to their skin tone. If the ring and skin color can complement each other, it can increase the overall beauty. People of every skin color have their own suitable ring. But if the ring is not in harmony with the skin color, even the beautiful ring will hardly bring out good results.Simple Geometric Line Pearl Ring Set
    You can choose the right ring according to the following 2 suggestions.

      • The skin of the hands is redder:

        This type can choose light-colored rings, which can neutralize the reddish skin tone and make you look more lively. You can wear rings with cool-toned gemstones such as green, purple, and blue. These cold-colored rings can weaken the red tone of the skin and make the back of your hands look fair and beautiful.

      • The skin of the hands is darker:

        When wearing a ring, first pay attention to the color of the ring and coordinate with the skin. You can wear rubies, yellow sapphires and other warm colors inlaid rings, they can set off the color of the back of the hand very beautifully, and the contrast with the back of the hand is not strong, this weak contrast appears harmonious.

      Geometric C Shape 925 Sterling Silver Cuff Ring Exquisite appearance is inseparable from the matching of details, which reflects the quality of your life. Each piece of jewelry has its own style, just like a small ring. Different styles can be created according to size, color, hand shape, etc. I hope this guide can help you find a ring that suits you as soon as possible. If you want to refer to more styles of wholesale rings to choose from, please click on our OOK JEWELRY online store to browse.
      Welcome your arrival!

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