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A Beginner’s Guide to the Different Types of Oil Drilling Rigs

A Beginner's Guide to the Different Types of Oil Drilling Rigs

Did you know that there are close to 1,500 oil drilling rigs in the world that are used for offshore drilling? The oil rigs that are used for offshore drilling are some of the most incredible feats of engineering from the past century since they allow a variety of oil drilling methods that weren’t possible in deeper water.

Oil drilling is vital to keep the world spinning and industries moving, and none of it would be possible without the right oil drilling equipment. If you’ve ever been fascinated by oil rigs and wanted to learn more then you’ve found the perfect place.

Lucky for you, you’re about to learn about the different types of oil drilling rigs in operation. Keep reading to learn more!

Jackup Rigs

Jackup rigs are a popular choice for offshore drilling, and they feature some trussed legs that support the platform for different drilling methods. There are two different types of jackup rigs to consider.

Slot-type jackup rigs have a hole in the middle where oil drilling occurs. The other option is the cantilevered jackup oil drilling rigs, which feature a drilling derrick on an extending arm.


Floating oil rigs are semi-submersible, meaning that they float on submerged pontoons rather than getting moored to the ocean’s floor. They’re capable of controlling the level at which they submerge to make oil drilling methods easier. They’re a popular option for many a Texas Drilling Company when it comes to drilling new oil wells in the ocean.

Fixed Platforms

Fixed platform oil rigs are permanent structures that use cement for the base on the ocean floor. You can store a ton of oil drilling equipment on these platforms as well as a large crew to help with the oil drilling operations. They’re common in areas where the water is deeper since they can reach depths of up to 1,700 feet.

You’ll find a lot of fixed platforms in areas near continental shelves, and they use directional drilling in order to find and access the oil deposits under the ocean floor.

Compliant Towers

If you’re looking for the right oil drilling rigs for deep waters and big waves then you need to look at building compliant towers. They feature a narrow tower that holds the oil drilling gear and the crew. They’re designed to stand up to massive amounts of force in deep waters, making them great for reaching oil deposits at great depths.

Now You Know the Different Types of Oil Drilling Rigs

Oil drilling rigs are an important component of modern society since they use a variety of oil drilling methods to gain access to massive oil deposits under the ocean floor. Compliant towers are a great choice if you need to handle oil drilling at great depths. Fixed platforms are permanent structures that can hold a ton of oil drilling equipment, and floaters are great for flexible operations.

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