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A brief overview on ISO 9000

ISO 9000, is the most popular ISO standard worldwide among several thousands of ISO Certifications available. This article will let you exactly know more about ISO 9000, and also give answers to all your query.

What do you mean by ISO 9000?

ISO 9000, popularly referred to as quality management system as well, is a set of standards that have been created by ISO with the aim to assist organizations in meeting the customers’ as well as stakeholder’s needs withinside the statutory and regulatory requirements specified and related to the products or services they provide. There are 7 quality management principles included in ISO 9000 family of standards. There are certain requirements to be completed by any organization before they get certified to ISO 9001 standard. Whether the organizations meet the requirements specified for ISO 9001,or not, are confirmed independently by third-party certification providers. More than 1 million of organizations throughout the world have been certified to ISO 9p01 standard. This is one of the major reasons behind ISO 9001, being the most popular ISO standard worldwide. But the procedure to get certified to the ISO standard has not been up to the mark and not useful for all kinds of organization. The process has been often criticized.

Explain about the background of ISO 9000

ISO came up with a standard in 1987, and released it, which we know today as ISO 9000 standard. BSI presented the proposal of BS 5750 series of standards to ISO, in 1979, and ISO then came forward, having it as basis. But its history dates back to about 20 years before, to the government procurement standards like MIL-Q-9858 standard of the US Department of Defence, that was released in 1959, and the UK’s Defence Stan 05-21 and 05-24. Previously, big organizations, working as suppliers to government procurement agencies had to stay in compliance with several requirements specified for quality assurance, for every contract they got. Therefore, defence ministry decided to adopt NATO AQAP, MIL-Q, and Def Stan standards mutually, and recognize them. Therefore, it lead to industries relying on ISO 9000, and adopting them rather than forcing contractors for adopting multiple and similar requirements more often.

Why is ISO 9000 essential for business?

Since ISO 9000 is also known as quality management standard, it clearly reflects that ISO 9000 focuses on quality. ISO 9000 is an indication of importance of quality. We have seen many companies having the best marketing schemes and all, but eventually failing to do good. The reason is quote simple, the companies who have qualitative products and services to offer get always preferred over any other companies. Having ISO Certification in Delhi, not only in Delhi, but everywhere across the world, to ISO 9000, is useful for organizations since ISO 9000 assists in finding the major loopholes and reasons behind company’s issues and also helps to deal with them and find an appropriate solution. Once the efficiency of your organization is enhanced, you will financially get benefited as well.

A supply chain with integrity is developed once wide range of companies get themselves certified to ISO 9000 standard. Every single company getting involved in the process to develop, manufacture and market certain products have clear idea that they have been a part of a system reliable, efficient and trusted all over the world.

Besides business holders who know how important quality is and therefore need of ISO 9000 standard, customers also know the importance of quality and that is why they always prefer quality over quantity, they never compromise. Therefore, customer satisfaction has always been the major priority for ISO 9000 standard and once customer meet their needs, it eventually leads to customer retention as well.

That is why, ISO 9000 is so important for business.


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