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A Clean Energy Future

The Victorian government has announced a clean energy plan set to invest 1.6 billion dollars in renewable energy sources and infrastructure.
This is the largest green energy scheme of its kind in Australia, and is a watershed moment in our approach to energy, climate and the future.
Local councils and individual solar panel suppliers are set to play a leading role in the sustainable future to come, both in terms of individual households and large scale operations. So what can we expect, thanks to this investment?

New Hubs, New Jobs

Renewable energy zones will introduce new jobs and opportunities in several regional areas, where solar farms, battery infrastructure and micro-grids will be established.
Tens of thousands of jobs are expected to come online through this scheme, making this investment key to Victoria’s post-covid economic recovery. The boost in jobs will be most keenly felt in the manufacturing industry, as well as the wide raft of jobs that will be needed to support growth areas.
The benefits of this scheme will be felt statewide. As stated by Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio: “We’re driving our economic recovery from coronavirus with renewable, reliable energy that will save families money and support tens of thousands of Victorian jobs.”
The zones will also be supported by new road infrastructure intended to boost tourism opportunities in country Victoria, along with more jobs in the planning and construction industry.

Cleaner, Cheaper Energy

It may surprise many Victorian’s to learn that renewables are not just better for the environment, they’re cheaper than fossil fuels.
According to a report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), renewables are now our most affordable energy source.
If you’ve been shocked by the rising costs of your energy bills recently (who hasn’t?) then the introduction of more renewable energy is going to change things for the better.
Traditional fossil fuel providers are struggling, causing a knock on effect to our bills. Once we switch to renewables, we can expect energy to be cheaper.
The renewable energy zones are set to produce 600MW of energy, enough to power more than 350,000 homes.

Cutting Emissions

The clean energy plan is intended to support the target goal of net zero emissions by 2050, starting with a 25 percent reduction in emissions by 2025. The ultimate goal is to make Victoria a renewable energy “powerhouse”.
State initiatives will be further supported by individual households installing solar panel systems. In a statement Premier Dan Andrews has promised that “Victorians in every corner of the state will…be able to apply for a Solar Homes battery, with the Government providing 17,500 household battery rebates over the next three years.”

Global Outlook

Renewable energy is changing every corner of the world, so it is only fair that Victoria keeps pace, or else gets left behind.
In particular, solar energy is rapidly expanding across developing countries, where the promise of cheaper, cleaner energy has the biggest impact. India, South Africa and Brazil are just some of the countries who have introduced impressive clean energy investments, with more following suit.
Larger powers are not holding back either, with America, China and the UK, among others, making huge investments into renewable energy sources.
Globally, if we are to tackle climate change, then renewable energy is our only choice.

Ready to start using Renewable Energy?

If you want a greener footprint right now, today, then you can start by switching to a utility company that uses renewables.
Another easy and affordable option is investing in more energy efficient light bulbs and devices.
Lowering your energy use overall is also great for the environment, but if you want to go the extra mile, you can take advantage of the Victorian solar panel rebate scheme to get solar panels and solar batteries installed at your home. Now only will producing your own clean solar energy be kinder to the environment, you will also benefit from cheaper power bills.

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