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A Complete Guide to Styling a Handbag

A Complete Guide to Styling a Handbag

Are you looking for new ways to elevate your wardrobe and your personal style? Knowing how to accessorize is key to putting together an outfit that shines. Handbags are not only practical for holding your items, but they can also be great for completing awesome looks when styled correctly.

There are tons of different kinds of bags for different occasions and styles. If you are wondering how to style a handbag with any outfit, keep reading. In this guide, we will let you in on trending fashion and great handbag options that can help you grab the right bag for any event.

For on the Go

If you’re looking for a purse style that allows you to be mobile when you’re on the go, a crossbody or shoulder bag can be a great option. These bags have long straps that enable you to carry them by slinging them across your body or over your shoulder. This is great for weekends on the town and for travel, as you can easily grab your items while keeping your hands free.

This is one of the most popular purse options and can come in many different styles. Depending on the style and design of the crossbody, you can find options for both casual and more formal events. For formal outfits, a crossbody made of leather can be a great option whereas light cloth materials can be more fitting for casual outings.

For Formal Events

A very popular purse option for formal events is the clutch bag style. This is a great choice that can elevate your outfit making it especially great for events that require formal evening wear. A clutch purse can be great for attending weddings as well.

The clutch bag gets its name from the way in which it is carried. Typically, a clutch bag will not have straps or handles. Some styles will include a removable strap that you can use when you would rather carry the clutch as a crossbody or shoulder bag.

A clutch can be great when paired with an evening dress or a formal jumpsuit and heels.

For Everyday Use

A great purse style for everyday use is a tote bag. Tote bags tend to be larger than the options mentioned above, meaning you have more space for carrying the things you need. Tote bags come in tons of different styles and can provide a variety of purposes.

For example, if you are looking for a bag that would be practical for work, a leather tote bag can be a great option. Some totes are large enough to fit certain work supplies such as laptops or notebooks. These bags can have various carrying options and may have handles or straps.

For more interesting info on great bag styles, check out this article.

Ways to Style a Handbag: Fashion Tips and Tricks

Finding a handbag that is appropriate for the occasion can tie your look together. Use the tips and tricks in this guide to find the perfect handbag for your wardrobe needs.

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