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A Complete Guide to the Different Types of VPNs

A Complete Guide to the Different Types of VPNs

Did you know that cybercrime is a rampant problem and it’s projected to cost the world $10.5 trillion in damages each year by the time 2025 comes around?

You may think that cybercriminals are only interested in big targets but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whether you run a successful business or you’re a white-collar worker who keeps a low profile, everyone’s sensitive data is at risk.

Are you wondering how you can protect yourself? Keep reading to learn all about the different types of VPNs with this complete guide.

Intranet Site-to-Site VPN

When it comes to VPN options, an intranet site-to-site VPN is a great solution for businesses, especially when working with others in distant locations. The purpose of this VPN type is to share resources with another location in a way that’s as secure and seamless as possible.

If you’re located in California but the other company or branch is in Italy, this VPN can bridge the gap, but it’s necessary to install specific equipment. The process is much more involved than other options.

If you’re wondering what a VPN is exactly, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s explained here.

Extranet Site-to-Site VPN

When choosing a VPN, you should think if an extranet site-to-site is essential for your goals. This takes the equipment of the intranet site-to-site version and connects them in an indirect way.

If communication is a large part of your business dealings, then you can’t cut corners. An extranet site-to-site VPN can ensure constant communication without the fear of cybercriminals getting in the way.

Remote Access

For those who are thinking of using a VPN for their personal security, then remote access is the way to go. Since it’s remote, you can access the VPN from any device as long as you have a subscription. Some services even allow you to choose what location you want to hide in.

For instance, you could be located in Orlando, Florida but you can make it look like you’re located in Atlanta, Georgia or anywhere else in the world. The VPN will also encrypt the server so that it’s as secure as possible.

The best VPNs can be activated with a single click and turned off the same way for convenience. Some of them have detailed customization features that come in handy for veteran users who are looking for something specific.

Are You Ready to Choose Between Types of VPNs?

Now that you’ve learned all about the different types of VPNs, you can decide which one will fit your needs the best. Don’t forget to let your friends and family members know how they can protect themselves from cybercriminals while surfing the internet.

There’s always new stuff to learn when it comes to tech. For the latest and greatest info, be sure to browse around our site and check back each week. You can rely on us for high-quality content.

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