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A Dummies Guide to Buying Sir Walter Grass

Sir Walter Buffalo grass is the most popular grass in Australia. It was introduced in the market in 1990. Over 60 million meters of grass have been sold to 450,000 Australian homes. According to Sydney Lawn And Turf Australia the reason behind its popularity and which makes it the most favorite of the people in Australia is that it is the softest variety of turf, capable of growing healthily in the dynamic Australian climate condition. Here is a guide to buy Sir Walter grass to ease out your trouble. 

Why Is Sir Walter Popular?

Sir Walter turf has an extremely strong root system that helps in maximum nutrient intake. In addition, it enables it to withstand wear and tear. It grows in all different types of soils. We have listed some features of Sir Walter Turf, which makes it so popular in Australia.

Survives in the Australian climate

Sir Walter turf originated in Australia. Hence, it can grow happily and healthily, all year round, in all extreme weather conditions of Australia. From extreme heat to the chilled winters and drought summers to frost conditions, it withstands all seasons in Australia.

Self-repairing quality

Sir Walter turf is not only strong but also has a self-repairing quality. That is why despite high traffic, we do not find any patches on the lawns because if it is damaged, it repairs itself, preventing patches on the lawns.

Lowest allergy risk

Compared to other grass and plant varieties, Sir Walter grass has very low allergy risk chances due to its very less production of pollen. Pollen is said to be the main factor for triggering allergy and asthmatics. Therefore, this grass will keep you and your family safe from hay fever and limit your chances of allergy.

Appealing Appearance

Sir Walter grass is known for its appealing characteristic. Its appearance is beautiful and soothing. Its leaves are soft, green, broad, and thick. Its growing properties in all weather conditions keep the lawns green and luscious all year round at a very low maintenance rate. The self-repairing quality prevents the lawns from patches despite high traffic. In addition, its weed resistance and low allergy risk properties make this grass safe for your kids and pets.  

What Can It Resist?

High drought resistance

Sir Walter Turf is made to survive easily in strong heat and drought climates. Although, when in tough times, water restrictions are enforced, Sir Walter grass can survive easily on very less water supply.

High shade tolerance

Sir Walter turf is 75% shade tolerant. Therefore, it can survive on most shady properties and on properties with minimal shade.

High traffic pressure resistance

Sir Walter turf is suitable and ideal for residential, industrial, and commercial uses because it has high wear tolerance. Moreover, it can survive in high traffic due to its unmatched strength.

Fungus resistant

Sir Walter grass is less prone to germs, fungus, moss, and diseases that might kill your grass. In addition, it has a disease and fungus-resistant quality; therefore, you need not make extra efforts to save your lawns from being damaged.

Salt resistant

One of the most important features of Sir Walter grass is that it is salt resistant. So the people having beachside properties to the lawns near the pool areas might be very happy to know that their lawns would survive.

What Is the Cost?

The price of Sir Walter DNA Certified turf is $20 per square meter. It is extremely budget-friendly, making it one of the finest in the industry.


Sir Walter Grass is a widely popular name, and they have established this by keeping up with the quality always. Therefore, the pricing is appropriate, and the benefits cannot be ignored. Surely one should consider this.


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