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A few steps to fix a damaged Excel File using Repairit


Excel is a powerful software application used across the globe to store, organize and manipulate data. It is used for personal and business-related needs, and Excel files come in two formats, XLS and XLSX. However, the Excel file may become damaged or corrupted by the computer or maybe deleted accidentally or lost when the system crashes. Here will provide the best solution to repair corrupted excel file and retrieve corrupted Excel files from computers quickly and efficiently.

The reason for excel corruption of excel files corrupted excel files.

Every single File on computers is vulnerable to damage and infections, and Excel files are no different. Many scenarios could lead to the loss of data in Excel files. For example, excel files with corruption can be an issue since you will not open them and could lose all information you’ve stored within the files. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the Excel XLS/XLSX file. Below are some scenarios that require the repair of excel files.

  • Sudden System Shutdown: The shutdown of the system is an important moment for computers. When the computer is shut down, nothing can go wrong. However, the system can be thrown into chaos in an abrupt shutdown. For example, all MS Excel files open at this point could become corrupt since they are not shut to the computer in an appropriate way.
  • Virus or Bug: The term “virus” refers to bugs or viruses that are frequent adversaries to a computer. If you are not using an effective anti-virus program, it is likely your computer has been plagued by one or the other. These bugs and viruses could easily harm Excel files and require the repair of a damaged excel file.
  • Problems with the Device for Data Storage: The corruption of Excel files may also be caused by problems with the storage device for data. Hard drives are susceptible to bad sector creation. Excel files stored in bad sectors have a higher probability of becoming infected.
  • MS Excel Malfunction: Like all software applications, MS Excel is prone to errors. For example, incorrect or abrupt closing of excel files can lead to destruction.

Standard methods to fix excel files Common ways to repair excel files

After learning about the main issues that arise with Excel spreadsheets, let’s discover how to resolve the issue by using these clever methods:

  • Use MS Excel’s Native Repairing Feature: To make it easier for us to repair all sorts of minor issues that arise with the Office document, Microsoft has developed an integrated repair solution. So, if you find that your documents are not severely damaged, you can fix them by using this program’s native feature. For repair of damaged and corrupt Excel files, start Excel’s MS Excel application and go to its menu, File> Open option. Then, you can search for and choose that corrupted Excel document on your computer. Instead of loading the File in the usual way on Excel, it is possible to select the dropdown option next to “Open” to access the Open feature. From there, you could choose “Open and Repair” to fix the File you have selected.
  • Delete all Unwanted Temporary Excel Data: Sometimes, there could be a problem with the temporary files stored within MS Excel that can create conflicts with your data. Such a problem can be solved by removing all temporary Office files from your system. To do this, open Windows Explorer -> go to the Windows drive (like the C drive). Then, navigate into Users > Username and then App Data > Local Microsoft and then Office. From this page, you can manually look for files with “tmp” extension and then remove them from your system. Then, you can launch MS Excel and try loading the damaged XLS file.

How do I repair Excel files by using Repairit?

Launch Wondershare Repairit within your computer and access the file repair feature from its sidebar to repair damaged and corrupt Excel files. Now, you can click “Add” to find an infected Excel file in the program.

When the corrupt Excel files have been loaded, you can review the details of them on the right like their size and where they are and click the “Repair” button to begin the process. Then, you can relax and watch for a while the application will fix the damaged or corrupted Excel files. You can monitor the status of the Excel repair process via the application.

Once the repair process is completed, Wondershare Repairit will let you do that. Now, click the “Preview” button to review the results of its data repair. On Repairit  native user interface, you can determine whether the loaded Excel document has been fixed by seeing an overview.


That’s it! If you’re satisfied with the outcome, you’ll be able to click the “Save” button next to the File’s information. You can then export the repaired Excel files created by Repairit to any safe location within your system.


At the end of this thorough guide to fix the damaged or corrupted Excel documents in various ways. As you will see, I’ve created a variety of third-party and native solutions that you can follow to fix damaged, corrupted and inaccessible Excel documents on your computer. Additionally, you can apply these suggestions to prevent these Excel-related problems shortly and protect your data.


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